Month: January 2009

PROjEN’s Promise for a more sustainable business

PROjEN the award winning Project Management Company has made a pledge to incorporate sustainable business practices in to its day to day operations.

PROjEN has long recognised that the biggest impact that they can make to sustainability and to reduce carbon emissions is through the services that they offer their clients and the projects that they deliver. However, more recently they have been looking closer to home to further improve their own business practices.

PROjEN are currently working to become accredited to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard and have also implemented a number of initiatives such as Cycle and Walk to Work Schemes, a Car Share Scheme and a new Sustainability Forum aimed at driving PROjEN towards a greener and more sustainable business.

PROjEN are also monitoring their energy consumption with the aim of raising awareness and motivating staff to “switch off” rather than use the “stand-by” function on electrical equipment.

PROjEN procure ethical and environmentally friendly consumables including Fair Trade Tea and Coffee and are promoting a Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle campaign throughout their offices.

John Taylor, PROjEN’s MD commented “For many years we have championed the use of full life-cycle costing for project investment decisions and focused our clients’ attention on to environmentally beneficial projects such as the replacement of ozone depleting refrigerants (R22 etc). We created an Energy and Environmental Compliance Department to help clients reach their own environmental goals through providing greener business solutions and now are we are keen to implement new internal business practices such as the Car Share Scheme and Sustainability Forum with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint as well as ensuring that we operate on a more sustainable basis.”

PROjEN Launch New Website | PM PROjEN News

PROjEN, the award winning Project Management Company based in Cheshire have recently launched a “new look” website.

The new website is cleaner and fresher in design and has added features such as the PROjEN Corporate Blog where PROjEN’s resident blogger Shane Pugh shares his thoughts and expertise on topical issues affecting our various client industries.

In addition the new website also has an information centre; an on line resource which contains helpful information such as industry knowledge i.e. best available technique(s), information on legislative changes/ updates and technical information in layman terms.

John Taylor, PROjEN’s MD commented “The new website makes navigating the site much easier and clearly splits out our core services. We hope the improvements to the web site and the addition of the resource centre we will give our clients exactly what they are looking for; helping them make informed decisions required in today’s financial climate”

PROjEN given the Green Light on the Tailings Improvement Project

Following the completion of the front end design, PROjEN, the award winning Project Management Company based in Cheshire have been instructed by Ineos Fluor/Glebe Mines to begin the £160K Tailings (water containing fine particles of mined materials) project.

The project involves the control of water and tailings flow into and out of the Mill Processing Plant. The project involves the installation of flow and level instrumentation to ensure containment and will prevent flooding and the release of contaminated water.

The project is being managed by PROjEN’s experienced team of engineers with backgrounds in Process, Electrical and Instrumentation and Mechanical. Martin Hold will take the lead from an Electrical and Instrumentation perspective and Martin Slaney as Project Manager will ensure smooth project progression.

Dave Mairs, PROjEN’s Key Account Manager commented “ We are pleased to have had this project sanctioned, having already completed phase one of the project; it is satisfying to progress to the implementation stage. This project, due for completion in June 2009 forms part of a number of projects at the Cavendish Mill site and goes to further strengthen our relationship with Ineos Fluor and the team at the Cavendish Mill Site”.

PROjEN Prepare Subcontractor Documentation for Ex MOD Ship

PROjEN, the Cheshire based, award winning Project Management Company, have recently expanded their service offering through the provision of contract documentation expertise on behalf of James Fisher and Son’s.

James Fisher and Son’s a specialist marine services organisation, contacted PROjEN in connection with the refurbishment work they were carrying out on the Ex RN Belvedere, an ex MOD ship which was used in the Falklands. The refurbished ship has been bought from the MOD by the Brazilian Navy who are to use the ship in the policing of Drug Barons currently operating on the Brazilian Coast.

Keen to ensure that contracts between AP Falmouth who are responsible for the fit out, Weasley, the engine providers and the IT/ Communication Subcontractors were water-tight, James Fisher and Son’s enlisted the specialist support from PROjEN’s Commercial Team. PROjEN’s Commercial Team, though their own in-house activity have the necessary expertise in handling all contractual, legal, commercial and insurance issues between main and subcontractors.

Vince Sullivan, PROjEN’s Commercial Manager commented “this has been a very interesting and somewhat unique assignment. Not only have we provided the necessary contractual clauses within this documentation, we have also had to incorporate the myriad of clauses imposed by the MOD, resulting in a complex but legally sound contractual document between James Fisher and Son’s and the relevant subcontractor organisations”.

Following on from this assignment, PROjEN hope to grow their bespoke and off the shelf contractual service offering and are already in talks with James Fisher and Son’s management team in preparing all future contractual administrative and commercial support on their behalf.