What is 3D Visualisation?

by Projen on 17/01/2011

3D Visualisation is the practice of using a computer to convert data into a picture form. Visualisation used in Computer Aided Design (CAD) renders screen images into 3D models that can be viewed from all angles and animated.

Why Use 3D Visualisation?

A picture is worth a thousand words. What is the easiest way to convey an idea, demonstrate a potential new purchase or changes to a plant? Through Visualisation. Used at the desk or as the centre-piece to a presentation, 3D visualisation provides a means of communication, across a range of disciplines:

  • Sales/Marketing Buy in from clients/investors
  • Finance Capital approval
  • Planning Applications Planning permission
  • Construction/Demonstrations Snags highlighted/resolved
  • Factory Work Flow Scheduling of materials and pedestrians
  • Internal Briefings Communicating ideas/changes to personnel

Some of the features of 3D visualisation include:

Actual materials can be shown

  • Interior lighting can be previewed
  • Landscaping can be demonstrated
  • Natural Lighting based on window direction, time of year, time of day can be previewed
  • Moving objects can be shown in operational condition
  • Multiple design options can be explored and resolved before construction begins

Key Benefits to Your Organisation

Communication is key to an organisation’s success. 3D Visualisation supports the overall communication process by visually demonstrating plans and ideas. Using this technology your organisation will benefit by:

  • Accurate 3D Models of built designs/plants
  • Visualisation of the area, allowing easier design/planning and scheduling
  • Real life simulation, providing a clearer vision for non technical personnel
  • Increased stakeholder decision maker cooperation (finance, planning application, users etc.)

What PROjEN Offer

PROjEN are experienced in the use of 3D Visualisation, providing clients with image solutions that match their needs. PROjEN have an outstanding track record for providing Project Management Support to clients in the food, chemical, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. PROjEN provide a portfolio of visualisation products which include:


Placing a proposed scheme into a real site photograph can give the impression of a completed building within its actual context. It can also demonstrate extensions and modifications to existing buildings.

Photo Real

Images produced showing stages of the design process, lend credibility to the scheme from inception through to
the fully detailed model of the final development. ‘Real World’ characteristics can be applied, populating the
virtual environment with people and vehicles for example.

  • Communicate the design team’s proposal
  • Convey information to the public
  • Assist in grant applications
  • Use in marketing materials
  • Progress a scheme through planning


Animations successfully show the model as a 3D replica of the design proposal, potentially being viewed from any aspect. Moving images portray true 3D form, helping relate elements of the design to each other and provide a better indication of scale.


Flythroughs are directed animation. Perfect for presentations, these allow you to exhibit and sell your ideas as they will look upon completion. Used in training or marketing materials, flythroughs are available as DVD quality movies and as AutoCAD files.

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