Project management



Energy has until recently been considered by many organisations as a readily accessible, relatively low cost commodity. The utilisation and administration associated with energy is often separate within an organisation and is often not given the attention and consideration that other services or commodities receive.

The cost of energy in the UK has increased markedly over the past few years. This is coupled with a global intent to reduce carbon emissions, driven by global warming and ever decreasing stocks of fossil fuel. These factors have driven UK business to focus on how and where we use our energy and more specifically, the identification of where energy can be saved or even recovered and reused.

PROjEN are in an excellent position to identify and advise on opportunities where energy can be reduced, utilised more effectively, recovered or provided at a lower cost to the user. Where improvements are identified, PROjEN can implement these recommendations in a cost effective and timely manner.

Key energy management services are identified within this section, but further advice can be found by contacting the Energy Environmental and Compliance Team through the contact link above.

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