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  • Nuclear

    We have a comprehensive working knowledge and understanding of nuclear facilities across the UK gained through our work in the nuclear sector over the years. We combine best practice solutions from other industry sectors resulting in a unique blend of knowledge and experience making us an invaluable engineering partner for the nuclear sector. We have the specialist skills and engineering support to provide a complete service, from conceptual design through to plant decontamination and de-commissioning.

    We possess a blend of professional and technical resources allowing us to provide our clients with an excellent service with efficient delivery. Our innovative SMART solutions are designed to complement the project design process giving us a competitive edge in project delivery. Our capability is reinforced through many years’ of experience working for leading UK blue chip companies.

    We have offices strategically located close to many of the Nuclear sites in the UK, enabling us to provide local support to our clients from our technical centres.

    In short, we provide dedicated, multi-disciplined project teams that provide:

    • New product design and development
    • Design and optioneering studies
    • Remote Handling Systems
    • Simulation and 3D mock up (SMART Tools)
    • Detail Design and Analysis
    • Multi Disciplined Design capability – architecture, building, civil and structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumental and piping
    • Resourcing – All categories of individual clients needs on an as required basis
    • Integrated Resourcing
    • Client or Capita PROjEN led project and multi-disciplined design teams
    • Joint ventures pain / gain – delivery partnerships.

    Some Industry Specific Services we offer include:

    Nuclear Decommissioning

    Our capability and experience in the complete decommissioning of nuclear facilities and equipment is provided as a fully integrated solution. We can provide engineering services for the treatment and disposal of waste, decontamination and decommission operations.

    Nuclear Decontamination

    Capita PROjEN are the incumbent framework supplier (4 year agreement) acting as the Decontamination Delivery Partner to the Sellafield Sites. We are familiar with all technologies such as; scabbling, water-jet cleaning, ice cleaning techniques and removable coating systems for all forms of decontamination requirements.

    Our Decontamination services are provided through Nuclear Decontamination Services Limited (NDecS) is an independent specialist decontamination company who deliver a complete turnkey package for nuclear decontamination challenges in the nuclear industry. With roots based in the BNFL’s R&D community of the 1980’s the company was formed in February 2008 by two of BNFL’s (British Nuclear Fuels) foremost decontamination experts.

    Feasibility and Options Studies

    Decommissioning and decontamination of facilities to remove waste and debris can often require complex removal sequences. We use advanced surveying tools to accurately model the as-built condition of a plant. The surveying tools used minimise the requirement for human access into potentially hazardous and contaminated areas. Simulation techniques are then used to visualise scenarios and optimise the decommissioning procedures in line with ALARP principles.

    Remote Operations

    In decommissioning tasks, where the remote handling of nuclear waste is involved, we provide solutions through the design and supply of equipment to safely cut, remove, categorise and contain the waste. These include remotely operated vehicles, special shielded transfer enclosures, container handling and transportation, UHP water jet cutting.