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    Engineering Consultancy - Debottlenecking


    DebottleneckingDebottlenecking requirements are usually initiated by a desire to improve the output from an established manufacturing process. An increase in product demand and/or productivity improvements in certain areas will highlight constraints, pinch points or bottlenecks in the overall manufacturing process. This will naturally limit company profitability in terms of volumes produced, cost per unit or even product quality. Debottlenecking therefore maximises the profitability of an existing plant – often at much less cost than building new facilities – and can be an iterative process whereby the plant can see improvements such that it’s productivity becomes significantly higher than its original design capacity.

    Consideration for future expansion, changes in manufacturing methods or alternative products should always be considered at the initial design stage and Capita PROjEN always include alternative scenarios as part of the initial project execution plan – eg utilising equipment with a greater variety of use, oversizing certain critical pieces of equipment if economically viable or enabling future replacement to be done easily.

    It is often the case that minor changes in equipment or operations can significantly improve the capacity of an existing facility and these can sometimes better be seen by others who have a fresh view on the operation. Capita PROjEN have extensive experience at looking at a variety of manufacturing processes and can readily conduct an audit and propose a range of improvements which take on board the project cost vs increased capacity delivered.