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    Project Management - Factory Relocation

    Factory Relocation

    buildingAs part of their strategic planning, many companies often review the merits of remaining where they are against the benefits of moving to another location. The option to relocate the Company becomes a higher profile issue whenever there is a major change in its business operations and when it embarks on a major reorganisation of a part or whole of its business premises.

    Why Relocate?

    • Practical issues such as the unsuitability of existing premises that need to be upgraded or changed are also a common reason for site relocation
    • The decision to outsource to a third party
    • To reduce costs via the new operation and the associated ongoing costs.

    How Can Capita PROjEN Help?

    • Site relocation requires the need for practical and experienced support to plan and assist in the execution of the transition. Capita PROjEN is a nationally recognised project management company with proven experience of factory/site relocations
    • Relocations require a specialised and experienced team to ensure they run effectively and efficiently, especially due to the highly precarious ‘one-off’ nature of a site relocation. Project failure is often catastrophic for a business
    • Capita PROjEN can ensure that the weeks of planning required are there to ensure a smooth change from existing to new with minimal disruption to the rest of the business
    • Attention to risk management, clear project definition and planning cannot be overstated
    • Successful site relocation specialists such as Capita PROjEN will always recognise the need to maintain continuity of service to customers and cause as little disruption as possible to the business in terms of its customers, employees and other stakeholders.