Year: 2003

PROjEN receive ISO 9001 2000 accreditation

PROjEN, the leading project management and professional engineering design company, based in Northwich, Cheshire have today received accreditation of the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

The ISO 9001:2000 accreditation has become an international standard for quality throughout the business world and has been identified as a key benchmark by PROjEN in their ongoing quest to be recognised as a quality provider of project management solutions. The accreditation is concerned with ‘Quality management’, enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting the applicable regulatory requirements and continually improving performance.

PROjEN, who have been in business for 25 years this year, welcomed the accreditation as it cements the company’s reputation as one of the highest quality project management companies in the industry. The ISO standards cover the development, manufacture and supply of products and services making them more efficient, safer and cleaner. For the client this means conformity of products and services to international standards providing assurance about their quality, safety and reliability.

PROjEN were accredited with the ISO 9001: 2000 after an audit which took place earlier on in the month. The ISO 9000 is awarded when the large majority of products or services in a particular business or industry conform to International Standards.

John Taylor of PROjEN said, “We have spent a great deal of time and resources fine tuning our professional services to ensure they are of the highest quality”. “This award is fantastic for PROjEN and all the staff, as it is a fitting reward for all the hard work invested by individuals at every level”. “The company is particularly proud of this achievement as it follows on from our recent success in being voted The European Construction Institutions ACTIVE Contractor of the year for 2003”. He continues, “We are currently preparing a training plan to ensure that all personnel are familiar with the changes to operating systems and practices”. “This is yet another string to the PROjEN bow and we are delighted that our achievements are being recognised, this also means that our customers are also receiving quality assured services”.

PROjEN prides itself on quality, and these recent awards will allow the company to further expand its growth programmes, particularly in the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries where quality is of utmost importance.

Third Gold Award for PROjEN | PM PROjEN News

PROjEN, the leading project management and professional engineering design company, based in Northwich, Cheshire have been awarded the ROSPA Gold Award for 2004.

PROjEN, who celebrated 25 years in business in 2003 have won the ROSPA Gold Award for the third time running. The occupational health and safety award which has four levels Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit is awarded for an outstanding commitment to health and safety performance at work.

Mr David Moss, PROjEN said, “ROSPA has an established reputation for its work in the prevention of accidents, providing expert advice and consultation to all areas of industry”. “We are pleased to have won the ROSPA Gold Award for the second time around as this demonstrates our commitment to the safe working principals applied by PROjEN. He continues, “PROjEN prides itself on providing the best possible service to their clients and this includes demonstrating commitment to improved Health and Safety Practices”.

The news of this award comes weeks after PROjEN have been awarded the ECI ACTIVE contractor of the year Award for 2003. PROjEN has received much recognition for the work they have undertaken and has established itself as a project management company with excellent health and safety principles.


PROjEN, the leading design and Project Management Company based in Northwich, Cheshire, has won the prestigious European Construction Institute ACTIVE Contractor of the Year Award for 2003.

PROjEN who celebrated 25 years in business in 2003, won the award by demonstrating the most consistent and sustainable improvement through the implementation of ECI ACTIVE and Value Enhancing Principles during the past year.

The European Construction Institute (ECI) is a forum for some of the largest contractors and project support organisers in Europe. ECI’s vision is ‘to create and maintain a globally competitive industry in Europe for the execution of major engineering and construction projects’.

ECI ACTIVE is the UK’s regional unit of the ECI and can boast a members list which includes some of the UK’s leading industry names. The ACTIVE award given out by ECI ACTIVE stands for Achieving Competitiveness Through Innovation and Value Enhancement, and is only awarded to ECI ACTIVE members. In order to achieve this award they must have shown an outstanding contribution to improved performance and enhanced profitability.

PROjEN were presented with the award on the 24th April 2003 by Sir Michael Latham from ECI and was accepted on behalf of PROjEN by Operations Director Mr Tony Lea, The presentation took place at the ECI ACTIVE Gala Dinner in Dublin, which was held as part of the ECI Annual Conference. Tony Lea said, “We are proud to be presented with this award as it means a great deal to PROjEN and we will continue to apply the ECI ACTIVE principles that have helped us to achieve the “Contractor of the Year Award”. He continues “we have always tried to stay on top of the latest industry developments so receiving this award gives us recognition for all our hard work which was backed up in a recent customer service survey where are customers rated us as ‘very good’.

As an ECI ACTIVE member, PROjEN have sought to apply the ECI ACTIVE principles and practices throughout their operations by appointing a Company Champion to oversee the change and improvement process. PROjEN have been using the ECI ACTIVE company assessments as a mechanism for measuring the success of their improvements and have carried out a company-wide programme of training based upon the ACTIVE principles.

Time is Running Out for HCFC Refrigerants

The timetable marches on for the phasing out of the commonly used HCFC refrigerants such as R22. PROjEN are supporting clients such as GSK with the necessary design and project management to ensure a prompt and economic response to the impending legislation.

PROjEN is assisting not only with rigorous OEM analysis and comparison, but also the fundamental specification of the system: substitution with alternative HFC refrigerants is not necessarily straightforward due to changes of system temperatures (glide), pressures and lubricant.

PROjEN exhibit at the North West Food Showcase

Envirolink and NWDA sponsor the event, to provide and strengthen Environmental Technology Company links to the food industry. PROjEN have supported the event in an attempt to improve the awareness of increasing environmental issues, legislation and standards. In consortium with Clancy and Geodelft, PROjEN offer clients sustainable profitable solutions from consultancy to delivery within the food sector for a better environmental future.

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Training Courses | PM PROjEN News

Two-Day course on project management, which includes a simple set of project procedures, based on PROjEN’s own methodology and over 25 years’ experience.

One day seminar covering the business impact of the new ATEX regulations which come into force in July 2003. Practical solutions will complement the theory.
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Factory Re-organisation and Product Outsourcing

PROjEN is assisting UK manufacturers who have decided to import an element of their product offering but retain some UK presence. This change is a major project that has dire consequences on the business if poorly executed. PROjEN offers confidentiality and structured planning and management of issues such as HR, impact on existing plant, changes to buildings, demolition, environmental consideration and overall land usage/sale – all whilst existing business systems/processes stay in focus.
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25 Years Celebration | PM PROjEN News

2003 saw the 25th year of PROjEN as project management specialists. Originally part of MDA, the engineering agency company, PROjEN was formed in 1978 to provide <a href=”/project-management.php” title=”project management”>project management</a> and associated services to the chemical, process and nuclear industries. Over the years, the company has widened its market presence to all industries, but is particularly strong in the pharmaceutical, food and drink, water and waste treatment and manufacturing sectors.

Drawing Management Service | PM PROjEN News

PROjEN is increasingly providing off-site management and control of documentation and drawings for companies who would prefer to see their design offices focusing on key areas such as new products rather than be distracted by ad-hoc demands to alter utility/piping diagrams, etc. Older drawings eg. microfiche are updated to AutoCAD as and when required and all drawings are available on-site in read-only format.