Year: 2004

PROjEN and GSK set a new standard for H&S Performance

Leading project management specialists, PROjEN, are celebrating after setting a new standard in their continued goal of achieving below the National average for Health and Safety accidents and incidents occurring in a working environment.

PROjEN who have recently completed a £5 million project at GSK have been monitoring the number of safety incidents throughout their one-year project. At an early stage both GSK and PROjEN agreed that everything possible should be done to ensure safety awareness was the highest priority and must be taken seriously by all parties involved in the construction phase of the project.

Contractors working on the project were chosen following a thorough vendor appraisal selection process.  Once at site, all construction personnel underwent a detailed induction process which was supplemented by regular toolbox talks at key phases of the project.  Additional measures included special incentives to promote the safety message and an increased level of management auditing throughout all areas of the working environment.

John Taylor, managing director for PROjEN comments, “PROjEN recognised the importance of working safely, not only to ensure we complied with the current legislation, but also to fulfil our commitment to health and safety compliance which was a critical success factor for the project.

Due to the size and complexity of this project it was vital to its success that we instilled the key message of adherence to good working procedures. The slogan ‘WORKING SAFELY TOGETHER’ was employed as a constant reminder to all project participants of their duty to work safely for the benefit of themselves and those around them.”

To gauge the performance of the project from a health and safety perspective, PROjEN looked to the national averages for 2003/04, which highlighted a total of 235 fatal injures to workers in the UK. The project undertaken by PROjEN recorded just four minor incidents and one incident which, taking into account the complexity of the job and the tight deadlines, is a fantastic achievement and one well below the national average.

GSK commented: “The project demanded a high level of competence from all parties involved and the incentives employed by PROjEN and the other companies involved created a clear awareness of the importance of health and safety. As such the project was completed on time and to budget without any major incidents.”

To further promote the safety message, a special incentive was set up for the project and the money entered by the eight participating companies paid for 500 mugs, 1,000 polo shirts and sweat shirts which carried the safety message.  These were distributed to the site workers at key milestones during the project to reinforce health and safety messages.

At the outset of the campaign it was agreed that any monies remaining from the promotion would be given to charity.  Each participating company involved in the project nominated a charity of their choice and on the 4th November 2004 Steve Hartles, European Capital Projects Director for GSK made the draw.  The chosen charity was ‘Children with Leukaemia’ who were then presented with a cheque for £1,716.77.

£5million project completed at GSK

PROjEN has successfully completed an award winning £5 million project at GlaxoSmithKline to increase cooling capacity and replace ozone depleting HCFC based chillers at their Stevenage site.

GSK have nine pharmaceutical R&D facilities in the UK and the Stevenage site houses their largest chemistry pilot plant for scaling up new medicines and vaccines.

GSK turned to PROjEN, a multi disciplined organisation, to design and plan the replacement of the HCFC based chiller package in order to meet the increase in demand for cooling and conform to the Montreal Protocol, which requires refrigerants such as R22 to be fazed out of operation by 2010.

In December 2003 PROjEN were awarded the managing contractor role and PROjEN provided GSK with a team of multi-disciplined professionals. The complex eight month project involved a mix of new and retrofit activities and was made further difficult by a need to reduce the original shutdown availability from six to four weeks. The PROjEN team worked along side the GSK engineers to ensure that the project was kept to timescales and budgets and delivered the required performance.

The project, for which PROjEN were awarded the ECI ACTIVE ‘project of the year award for 2004′ for their management of the overall project, saw the replacement of two existing chiller units with two state of the art, 1MW, chiller packages of higher capacity and efficiency which also included the need for a new building to house part of the new system.

As well as increasing the refrigeration capacity and removing dependence on the R22 refrigerant, new HTF pumps and improved control systems were integrated with the existing package and all major work was carried out within a shut down period of 30 days.

PROjEN managing director John Taylor said, “The GSK project was highly critical to GSK’s future production and it was imperative that deadlines were kept to and the performance criteria were met. Despite the many difficulties encountered along the way the client is delighted with the outcome. A key factor has been the working culture of both businesses with the focus being on getting the job done.”

PROjEN complete significant investment in Autoplant

PROjEN, the award winning Project Management Company based at Northwich, Cheshire, has invested significant resources in the installation of a specialist software package that will increase the company’s efficiency in designing 3-D plant layouts for its base of world class clients.

The sophisticated 3-D modelling package will enable PROjEN to layout plant and route piping much faster in a 3-D environment and will allow clients to walk around the model using the software’s explorer module and review proposed plant layouts.

Auotoplant is a database driven design tool which offers considerable advantages when undertaking larger management projects. The process line list can be linked directly to the piping database such that the pipe design data from the line list will appear automatically on the isometrics. This means that if the insulation requirement changes on the process line list, Autoplant will recognise this change and update the model removing or adding insulation where necessary.

John Taylor, Managing Director at PROjEN said, “We have seen a real upturn in sales in recent months as a result of our strategy of investing in new systems, equipment and staff. Autoplant was just one of our planned projects and it is set to revolutionise the way we design, plan and execute a wide variety of critical projects, with significant cost benefits for all parties involved. The process will improve client involvement which will undoubtedly increase communications and reduce the time it takes for projects to be completed”

PROjEN, specialists in the design and implementation of project managed services, has embarked on a number of investment projects since recording the highest sales figures for over 4 years. The company already works with some of the leading food and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the UK including GlaxoSmithKline and recently won the ECI Active project of the year award for 2004.
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PROjEN Deliver Lean Project Delivery for Business Success Seminar

On 1st July 2004, Dave Mairs and Dave Elliott from PROjEN delivered a very successful presentation to the Institute of Chemical Engineers at their Seminar at Birchwood, Warrington.

The paper delivered by PROjEN was entitled ‘Lean Project Delivery for Business Success’.

The Programme covered the eight areas of ACTIVE principles and how they relate to lean project delivery:-

  • Project Conception and Definition
  • Project Team Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Relationship
  • Information Management and Communications
  • Project Risk Management
  • Innovation and Communications Improvement
  • Project Execution
  • Performance Measurement

Project management specialists bring in 3D expert

The North West’s leading project management specialists, PROjEN, have expanded their service offering by taking on the knowledge and expertise of 3D design specialist Dave Berry.

Recruited from M.W.Kellogg in London, Dave 44 brings with him a wealth of experience as a senior project design engineer with specialist 3D plant design knowledge based within the oil and gas, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing sectors.

Dave has worked within the project design industry for 27 years, where, during this time he has worked for many of the big names including ABB Lummus, M.W.Kellogg, Shell and Costain, Astra Zeneca and Jacobs Engineering.

As an experienced project design engineer, Dave is excited by the increasing benefits associated with new technology and agrees that the implementation of computerised systems and techniques such as Autoplant and Photogrammetry will provide a greater service. However, Dave believes that along with this technology there must be a high level of customer service.

Dave who began working at PROjEN in March this year comments, “PROjEN recognises the importance of continuous personal development and provides the necessary support and investment in their staff to make that happen. It is an award winning company with a broad client base that will provide an exciting and challenging career opportunity”.

He continues, “In a competitive market clients are demanding better value from their service providers. Smaller well-structured companies, where individuals can make a big difference, such as at PROjEN, are winning a larger share of a market that was once dominated by large corporate organisations. PROjEN is ideally situated within this market and I am looking forward to delivering the high expectations demanded by the company and sharing in its success”.

State-of-the-art 3-D modelling Systems used by PROjEN, improve design efficiency by allowing faster plant layout and pipe routing in a 3-D environment. Customer’s benefit by being able to ‘walk inside’ this 3-D environment to review and approve proposed arrangements prior to construction. Using 3-D modelling techniques significantly reduces costs by accelerating design and construction and guarantees a clash free installation.

PROjEN win ECI ACTIVE Project of the Year 2004

PROjEN, the specialist Project Management Company has won the ECI ACTIVE Project of the Year award for 2004 after being nominated by GlaxoSmithKline one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

The European Construction Institute (ECI) is a forum for some of the largest contractors and project support organisations in Europe and holds awards each year to give recognition to the projects and studies carried out by leading member organisations of the ECI.

PROjEN, specialists in the design and implementation of project managed services, received the award on the 11th March 2004 at the ECI ACTIVE award ceremony held in Brussels.

The £5 million project sees the replacement of two existing chiller units with two state of the art, 1MW, chiller packages of a higher capacity and efficiency which also includes the need for a new building to house the new chiller system.

As well as increasing the refrigeration capacity and removing dependence on the R22 refrigerant, new HTF pumps and improved control systems are to be integrated with the existing package – all within a shut down period of 30 days

PROjEN has been working with GSK for the past 2 years and has developed close links with the organisation. GSK nominated PROjEN for their work at the plant due to their commitment, systems, proposal and excellent delivery systems

Steve Hartles, GlaxoSmithKline said, “The adoption of ACTIVE principles enabled rapid integration of PROjEN working practices with new GSK engineering procedures, accelerating project design, and allowing rapid sanction of a time critical flagship project” He continues “this was one of the key reasons we identified when nominating PROjEN for this award, along with the solutions that significantly reduced plant running costs”

The ECI ACTIVE project of the year award is presented to the company which best applies ECI and ACTIVE and Value Enhancing Principles to the project in order to achieve outstanding performance during the past year.

John Taylor, managing director at PROjEN said, “This is a great achievement for PROjEN. The project undertaken was challenging yet we are more than happy with the overall result. It is great to receive recognition for the work we have carried out and especially when that recognition comes from one of the leading names in the pharmaceutical and health care industry and we look forward to working with GSK on further projects in the future”.

This is the second year in a row PROjEN have won an ECI ACTIVE award after being awarded last year with the title of ECI ACTIVE Contractor of the year 2003.

Timetable for Refrigeration is Hotting Up

PROjEN, the leading design and Project Management Company, based in Northwich, Cheshire, has secured a contract to replace an ozone depleting HCFC based chiller package with an increased capacity, environmentally friendly system for GlaxoSmithKline.

PROjEN celebrated 25 years in business in 2003 and have been consulting with GSK since the beginning of 2003. GSK contacted PROjEN to discuss the possibility of renewing the HCFC based chiller package in line with the Montreal Protocol. The Protocol requires refrigerants such as R22 to be fazed out of operation by 2010.

Low temperature refrigerants, such as R22, are widely used throughout process chiller and industrial refrigerant plants. However, studies have shown they have a detrimental effect on the ozone layer resulting in excessive UV levels. To what extent this further contributes to global warming is still the subject of intensive debate but GSK saw the opportunity to comply with the new regulations earlier than planned when their existing refrigeration system required modernisation.

The £5 million project will see the replacement of two existing chiller units with two state of the art, 1MW, chiller packages of higher capacity and efficiency which will also include the need for a new building to house part of the new system. As well as increasing the refrigeration capacity and removing dependence on the R22 refrigerant, new HTF pumps and improved control systems are to be integrated with the existing package – all within a shut down period of 30 days.

John Taylor, Managing Director for PROjEN said, “This is a critical project containing new build and integration with existing facilities, and has required exhaustive planning to ensure disruption to production is kept to an absolute minimum. We are pleased to be collaborating with GlaxoSmithKline to find the ultimate solution to their refrigerant needs. We realise the importance of the changes made to legislation regarding refrigerants and support such developments. He continues, we have a dedicated team who have worked closely with GSK to make the change as smooth as possible”.

The project was sanctioned in December 2003 and will be completed in September 2004.

PROjEN plan ahead with CAPEX planning services

PROjEN, the leading project management and professional engineering design company, based in Northwich, Cheshire continue to develop their new service on CAPEX planning.

In many instances, ‘planning’ can be somewhat of a misnomer, businesses often budget for major maintenance, replacement or the upgrade of assets on a last minute basis or, plans are carried out with poor project evaluation.

PROjEN, who have been in business for 25 years have developed this service to provide a one on one consultation service to a number of varied market sectors, offering a strategically beneficial plan that, will help to reduce over spending and unneeded equipment.

All process industries have to budget for their capital spending intentions, usually via an annual exercise to list out their capital expenditure (CAPEX) plan. Usually this process is far from disciplined and often fails to meet the needs of the organisation due to last minute planning and poor project evaluation.

PROjEN have built a robust, benefits-focused process that is supported by management system software, which ensures projects are generated and monitored appropriate to the client’s business strategy. Companies which have benefitted from this service have varied from waste industries through to general manufacturing.

John Taylor, Managing Director for PROjEN said, “The majority of businesses today still do not give enough time to realise the benefits of structural planning for capital investment”. “The advantage of CAPEX planning is that you and the organisation are able to target investment and build business benefits into the forward business plan”. He continues, “PROjEN have designed the CAPEX planning service to provide the best possible solution with the least amount of disruption”.