Year: 2006

100 mile bike ride raises funds for charity

Elisabeth Evenson from PROjEN, the specialist award winning <a href=”/about.php” title=”project management company”>Project Management Company</a> based at Northwich in Cheshire, has recently completed a mammoth 108 mile one day bike ride to raise funds for charity.
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<br />The bike ride was promoted as the “Action 100” bike ride to signify the 100 miles of the route from Bristol to London. The ride was in fact 108 miles with the last 8 miles being responsible for the majority of the participant’s pain! The sponsored event started in Bristol on 27th August and finished in London on the same day.
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<br />This was the 25th year of a charity event organised by the unique charity Action Medical Research. Whereas other medical charities have a single focus — either on a particular disease, or age group, or a specific hospital Action Medical Research is looking for answers to a wide range of diseases and conditions that affect young and old. They have the broadest research remit of any medical charity which relies on voluntary support. Action Medical Research is creating a healthier future for everyone, and they do this by selecting the best research projects in areas where they are most likely to find cures or treatments. Their work is driven by medical need, and is independent of political or commercial influence.
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<br />The day started for Elisabeth at 5.30 in the morning with the event taking ten hours, seven and a half hours of which were spent in the saddle. Luckily the weather was good and the excellent event organisation and regular fuelling stations ensured the day went as smoothly as could be expected for a ride of this distance.
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<br />Elisabeth Evenson said, “A big thank you to all of you who encouraged me with your pledges and sponsorship! It is probably the only thing that got me up at 5.30 a.m. on the day of the ride as I have never been a morning person.
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<br /> We were very fortunate with the weather and the drinks and food stops were very well organised. It was a good experience with the worst after-effects being sore knees and a stiff neck. I will be collecting outstanding pledges in the next couple of weeks and everyone is very welcome to add to these if you wish”.
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<br />So far Elisabeth has raised over £200 from PROjEN colleagues and friends. A full update of the amounts raised can be gained by visiting Elisabeth’s sponsorship page on the Action Medical Research website which can be seen at <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>. Donations can also be made by visiting the same site.
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<br />PROjEN are a full service <a href=”/project-management.php” title=”project management”>project management</a> company offering a complete range of tailored engineering solutions from <a href=”serviceDetails.php?servicesID=11″>business improvement programmes</a>, <a href=”serviceDetails.php?servicesID=14″>legislative compliance consultancy services</a>, <a href=”serviceDetails.php?servicesID=7″>feasibility studies, evaluation and investment appraisals</a> to detailed design and full turnkey <a href=”serviceDetails.php?servicesID=1″> project management</a> and delivery of industrial projects. The company has seen a period of sustained growth and client wins resulting in the company winning a number of industry awards. In 2006 alone the Company has secured the European Construction Institute ACTIVE Project of the Year award, the Vale Royal Business of the Year and the RoSPA Gold Medal for 5 successive Gold Awards.

Announcement: Frank Carroll joins PROjEN

We are pleased to announce that Frank Carroll joins PROjEN on Monday 24th July 2006 working as a Senior E&I Engineer reporting to Steve Humphrey.

Frank has many years industrial and hazardous area experience and previous workplaces include Cargill, AstraZeneca, Ineos Chlor, Stanlow and Great Lakes. Frank will be acting as lead engineer on projects as and when required and I would ask you to join me in welcoming him to PROjEN.

Additional recruits include Terry Bird who as joins PROjEN as a Project Manager and Roy Backhouse who joins as a Process Engineer.

I would ask you to join me in welcoming them to PROjEN.

Future Aspirations MD | PM PROjEN News

No, this is not a future progression comment lifted from a performance review, but the consensus from a group pupils at an Industry in School Event held at Culcheth High School in Culcheth, near Warrington, Cheshire.

PROjEN’s MD, John Taylor, spent a morning out of his busy day of “Bossing people about”, “Sacking people” and “Sitting in his big office, at his big desk” – (the starting perceptions of his role by the pupils, not by PROjEN Personnel!).

The morning was organised in some way similar to Alan Sugar’s Apprentice TV Series, where pupils were advised of the ‘real’ role of an MD and then organised into groups and set a business task – such as how Microsoft could launch an alternative to the iPod.

Acting as a facilitator to the group, John prompted the pupils to consider every angle of taking a product to market; considering finance, product features, legalities, manufacturing, health & safety, quality, logistics, marketing etc and the importance of a comprehensive business plan. The issue of Fair Trade was also brought into the thinking as this had been a part of the student’s specific course work during the week.

Commenting on the morning, John said “this was a well organised event and a really worthwhile way of giving something back to the community. Not only do the pupils, get a practical insight into commerce and industry, but it gives us a chance to see how the younger generation see us. It is also interesting to get a glimpse of our future through their eyes.” “The pupils’ entrepreneurial nature certainly impressed me and they were a credit to themselves and the school; I believe from some of the ideas they put forward that we may have the makings of the next Bill Gates or Anita Roddick and I’ll certainly have to start watching my back!!”

PROjEN, despite their relatively small size, are always keen to support good causes whenever they can. Other examples include fundraising initiatives, such as the Northwich Rotary Club Swimathon, Children in Need and Genes for Jeans Events as well as donations to the local Winnington Avenue Youth Club.

PROjEN win Business of the Year Award

PROjEN, the specialist Project Management Company has won the Vale Royal Business of the Year Award for 2006. The prestigious award was sponsored by the North West Development Agency and presented at a ceremony organised by The Northwich, Winsford and Middlewich Guardian Newspaper group in conjunction with Vale Royal Borough Council and Business Link Cheshire and Warrington on Wednesday 14th June 2006.

Over 1,000 businesses make up the region and 34 were shortlisted for a variety of awards including Business of the Year, Start up Business of the Year and International Business of the Year. The criteria used by the judges in order to finalise the winners included companies who could demonstrate strong financial growth, could show a clear and planned development of products and services, could show an astute use of internal and external marketing communications , could demonstrate a high level of customer satisfaction and provide evidence of investment in personal development procedures.

Eleanor Underhill, Managing Director of The Guardian Series of Newspapers said “Our business depends upon local businesses doing well and it is a great pleasure to record this success”.

John Taylor, Managing Director, PROjEN, said “Vale Royal believes a successful business economy is crucial in achieving their mission statement – Vale Royal, a great place to be. Our business performance is fantastic but equally important is making our Company a great place to work. We have a superb work ethic at PROjEN and our clients readily see that our people care. We do stand out amongst our competition and this award is a massive pat on the back for all our personnel.”

PROjEN is a multi disciplined Project Management Company specialising in industrial projects for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Water & Waste and General Process & Manufacturing industries. PROjEN offers clients an outsourced option for some or all of their engineering services such as feasibility studies, design work and construction/project management.

Over the last 3 years PROjEN has doubled both in sales and number of personnel and also introduced a number of new services which have had a big impact on many clients within its target markets. These new products include assistance with Capex Planning, Energy Management, Factory Relocation and Legislation Compliance.

When added to the Company’s core skills of turnkey project management, it is no surprise that more and more companies have turned to PROjEN for practical support especially in the last 12 months. Equally it is no surprise that the Company has secured a number of third party accreditations such as RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Gold Medal in 2006 for 5 consecutive Gold Awards and the European Construction Institute Contractor of the Year in 2003 and Project of the Year 2004 and 2006. Typical projects have included the £800k automation of an existing process facility and a £5 million industrial refrigeration project.

The Company has a clear vision and occupies a market position above the one-man-bands but below the multi-nationals. Our intention is to retain this niche by capping our staff numbers to no more than 100 and to offer a wider range of business services to a limited number of clients. Together this ensures a closer working relationship based on better business understanding and a greater alignment of business goals.

John Poppitt PROjEN PRIDE Award Winner

The voting for the latest PROjEN PRIDE Award was yet again a very close run affair. However, another draw was avoided as John Poppitt edged ahead for a well deserved win.

John is highly respected by all at PROjEN for his willingness to assist in anyway he can across abroad spectrum of disciplines. Johns friendly outgoing demeanour means he’s a pleasure to work with, ever ready to tackle any task John is the perfect ambassador for PROjEN.

Intended to encourage team working and company involvement, the PROjEN PRIDE Award is open to all members of the PROjEN team and is presented quarterly at the core brief sessions with the ‘winner’ receiving £250 in M&S vouchers.

The award has already proved instrumental in encouraging pride in work, attitude and commitment to both client and company, with many employees now aware of the positive impact a PRIDE attitude brings to PROjEN.

New Employee Announcement | PM PROjEN News

We are pleased to announce that Phil McVan will be joining PROjEN on 26th June 2006 as Business Development Manager based at Northwich.

Phil’s role will be to drive our new service offering of Energy Management Services – an area in which he has 20 years experience. His previous positions include Group Marketing Director for Inenco – one of the top 3 in this field.

I would ask you to join me in welcoming Phil to PROjEN.

PROjEN are RoSPA gold medal winners 2006

PROjEN, the specialist Project Management Company has won one of the most prestigious RoSPA Occupational Health & Safety Awards for 2006. PROjEN has been awarded the RoSPA Gold Medal which is only awarded to companies who have won at least five consecutive gold awards.

The Gold Medal award will be presented at a special ceremony at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, National Exhibition Centre on Thursday May 11 during Safety & Health Expo 2006, the UK’s premier health and safety at work exhibition.

David Rawlins, RoSPA awards manager said “PROjEN have demonstrated how seriously they take health and safety management and are a fine example to many other companies. We would like to see more organisations following PROjEN’s lead by providing a positive example”

John Taylor, Managing Director at PROjEN said, “We are extremely pleased to have won this award and proud of our achievement in winning this gold medal. We have made health and safety a priority at PROjEN and to receive such recognition for our efforts is fantastic. All the team at PROjEN are thrilled by this result.”

PROjEN has recently reached another safety milestone with the completion of over 80,000 working hours (equivalent to 45 working years) without a single health and safety incident at GlaxoSmithKline’s Research and Development facility at Stevenage. The latest project to contribute to these astonishing figures was the Condenser Replacement project which was completed in November 2005 – adding over 28,000 working man hours without an incident. The majority of the remaining safe hours of working came thanks to the R22 Replacement project recently completed at the same site.

The RoSPA awards are not just about reducing the number of accidents and cases of ill-health at work; they are also about ensuring that organisations have good health and safety management systems in place. They help to reinforce the message that good health and safety is good business and clearly demonstrate an organisations commitment to the achievement of high levels of performance in this crucial area.

The President of RoSPA, Baroness Anne Gibson, Deputy President Lord Jordan and Vice-President Lord Brougham will host gala dinners on May 10th & 11th for representatives of award winning organisations at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, with the popular television personality Ronnie Corbett as guest speaker.

PROjEN win ECI ACTIVE Retrofit Project of the Year 2006

PROjEN, the specialist Project Management Company has won the ECI ACTIVE Project of the Year award for 2006 after being nominated by GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

The European Construction Institute (ECI) is a forum for some of the largest contractors and project support organisations in Europe and holds awards each year to give recognition to specifically significant projects and studies carried out by members of the ECI.

PROjEN, specialists in the design and implementation of project managed services, received the award on the 23rd March 2006 at the ECI ACTIVE award ceremony held in Delft, Holland.

The £4 million project consisted of the replacement of 40 glass condensers used by some of the reactors in the CPP (Chemical Pilot Plant) with Tantalum or Hastelloy-C22 contact parts. Each condenser system comprised of a condenser shell, heat transfer area (plates, tubes or coils), and process pipework connections suitable for connection to either glass or PTFE lined mild steel pipe and service pipework connections suitable for connection to low temperature carbon steel pipe.

The project included the reconfiguration of existing pipework, electrical cables and equipment to enable the replacement and safe operation of the new condensers. Space was very much at a premium and a key success factor was the coordination of work such that there was minimum interruption to ongoing operations. Even though the construction phase was not started until January 2005 with a target date of December, it was all completed 4 weeks ahead of schedule in November 2005

Managing such a large and complex project successfully over a period of 11 months requires good definition and planning at the early stages of the project. Factors which contributed to the success of the project from both a delivery on time perspective and a heath and safety point of view, but a key consideration was ensuring the right people were involved onsite from the very beginning and that effective documentation was in place and delivered to the right people. In announcing the Award, ECI Chairman Bob Storey said “one of the main contributors to excellent performance was a focus on the front end of the project. The assessment panel gave this project uniformly high marks. They were particularly impressed by effective project planning and front end definition, information management and communication and project execution”

PROjEN has been working with GSK for the past 3 years and has developed close links with the organisation. GSK nominated PROjEN for the ACTIVE award based on their work at the plant, their commitment, systems, initial proposal and excellent delivery record. PROjEN have been previous winners of ACTIVE awards in 2003 and 2004 when they were awarded Contractor of the Year and Project of the Year.

The impact of the project with the client can be summed up by comments from Clive Badman, GSK Vice-President Process Technology & Pilot Plants who stated “When the project was about to start we all had real concerns regarding the ability to complete the project within the budget programme and within the planned cost. The project team gathered everyone together to discuss alternative ways in which the project could be tackled to meet these challenges. I am pleased to say that the open and non-adversarial approach taken not only enabled the project to be completed below budget, but it was also delivered 4 weeks early. All in all, I believe this to be the best project I have been associated with”

Steve Hartles, GSK Capital Projects Director at GlaxoSmithKline added, “The success of this project is a further endorsement of the project management standards and focus on Front End Loading recently introduced into GSK. It also strengthens the business relationship we have with our project delivery partner PROjEN and my congratulations go out to all involved in this tremendous achievement”

The ECI ACTIVE project of the year award is presented to the company which best applies ECI and ACTIVE and Value Enhancing Principles to the project in order to achieve outstanding performance during the past year.

John Taylor, Managing Director at PROjEN said, “We are extremely pleased to have been part of another successful project at GSK and to win this award. I believe the whole team cannot be praised enough for their hard work and commitment. This award is further confirmation of the confidence shown in us by GlaxoSmithKline to deliver projects safely, to budget and to add value through a practical approach in the application of new systems and processes.”

The project team have already received another plaudit last year when they won the ‘2005 New Technology Adoption Award’ by Bentley Systems Inc in recognition of the work involving digital photogrammetry and AutoPlant.. The competition was tough, with an independent panel of BE Award jurors selecting from more than 200 nominations from a wide range of international engineering companies. According to the official Bentley judges, “PROjEN won because the jury felt this submission actually advanced technology, and was not just the adoption of existing technology in a new area”.

In addition the Health & Safety Scheme introduced to promote and raise site safety awareness was an unqualified success with over 28,000 man-hours worked, often in confined spaces, with ZERO incidents or accidents. In total over 80,000 safe man-hours have now been worked on site – equivalent to over 45 man years!

Charity Swimathon raises £2016.50 for local Charities

PROjEN, the award winning Project Management Company based at Northwich, Cheshire, has just raised £2016.50 for two local and one national Charity in a sponsored Swimathon which took place in March.

The Northwich SWIMATHON 2006 took place On Saturday 11th March 2006 with teams from the local area one of which was made up by employees of PROjEN. The Swimathon was on the behalf of the Northwich rotary Club which is supporting two local good causes, St Lukes Hospice and Northwich Victoria Infirmary plus the national charity NSPCC.

This year saw a re-brand from Penguins to Piranha’s for the PROjEN Team taking part in the 2006 Northwich Swimathon.

Invited to swim by the Northwich Rotary Club, the six strong Piranhas represented local company PROjEN; a Project Management Company based in Winnington Avenue, Northwich.

The team made up of Jim McCarrick, Steve Humphrey, Andy Humphrey, Alf Leather, Wayne Cullen and Team Captain Katie Abrahams put the event in a whirl (at Moss Farm’s pool), swimming 156 lengths in the 55 minutes allotted.

PROjEN’s Managing Director, John Taylor commented

“This is the second year that PROjEN have supported this event – it is a healthy way of getting the team together outside of a work environment and an excellent way of giving back to the local community.”

PROjEN hope that the collective monies raised, go some way to benefiting the charities in the surrounding area, including financing the diagnostic tool so desperately needed by the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic at the Northwich Royal Infirmary.

The aim of the Swimathon is to collect as much money as possible for these worthwhile causes by obtaining sponsorship from work colleagues and friends based on the number of lengths the team can swim in one hour. Last year the team managed to cover 138 lengths in the full hour. The PROjEN team is called the PROjEN Piranhas and is captained by Katie Abrahams. Apparently this is to do with the way the members collect sponsorship donations from slow payers!

Ron Dale PRIDE Award Winner February

Intended to encourage team working and company involvement, the PROjEN PRIDE Award is open to all members of the PROjEN team and is presented quarterly at the core brief sessions with the ‘winner’ receiving £250 in M&S vouchers. The award has already proved instrumental in encouraging pride in work, attitude and commitment to both client and company, with many employees now aware of the positive impact a PRIDE attitude brings to PROjEN.

The winner of the February PROjEN PRIDE award is Ron Dale, Mechanical Engineer who started working with PROjEN in 1980. Ron has demonstrated his commitment to the company in many ways over his 28 (twenty eight) years with PROjEN. Ron lives in Knypersley, Stoke on Trent and his hobbies include cycling and fine wines. Ron is also a keen caravaner and his favourite place is the Yorkshire Dales!

Ron is another very well liked winner of the PRIDE award and this was reflected in the high number of votes from both co-workers and clients, who nominated Ron for the following reasons-

    • He is very well respected by the Client


  • Always willing to help the Client and other members of the PROjEN team



  • He is good humoured and always 100% professional and a good ambassador for PROjEN



  • Never complains even when the going gets tough



  • Will always manage to sort out the problem



  • Is very conscientious and hard working