Year: 2008

PROjEN’s Christmas Celebrations at the Mere Court Hotel

This year saw PROjEN revisit the Mere Court Hotel to host their annual Christmas party. The “Do” organised by Pauline Yeomans was well attended and consisted of pre dinner drinks, 3 course meal and a disco to finish.

John Taylor, PROjEN’s MD presented a number of special “prizes” to staff for their hard work over the past year… Dave Berry received the “Far East” prize – a pair of chopsticks for his work at the Cantley Site, Dave Mairs received recognition for his efforts in the chilli growing competition – proving that size doesn’t matter! Tony Lea was awarded with a clip on tie – a must have item for every tube traveller and Vicky Hough and Katie Abrahams received “Good Wife Guides” in preparation for their 2009 weddings.

Serious praise was afforded to both Sharon Bebbington and Steve Harris who won this quarters PRIDE Award for going “above and beyond”. John also highlighted significant birthdays for some of the PROjEN staff… congratulating them for making it this far – top of the leader board was Mike Wood, aged 65, followed by Steve Nicholls, aged 40 and Martin Hold aged 30!

PROjEN employees also raised £575 from a raffle which benefited the Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice. This charity was selected by Geraint James who was drawn as the raffle winner; Geraint also took up his resident spot as PROjEN photographer and snapped much of the merriment!

John Taylor, PROjEN’s MD commented “This was a sterling night and credit goes to Pauline who organised the evening and the PROjEN employees and their guests who attended. It is always good to get everyone together and say thank you for their efforts over the last 12 months. I am also pleased to see that even though the world is in an economic downturn, there was still generosity amongst the PROjEN employees benefiting the Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice.”

PROjEN Praised for Successful CDM Advice

PROjEN the award winning Project Management Company based in Cheshire have been praised by a client’s management and staff alike for their Construction (Design & Management) Course which they recently ran on behalf of Steer Davies Gleave (SDG) in London.

Steer Davies Gleave, a transport planning consultancy required professional and upto date advice on the CDM regulations. Following a web search SDG asked PROjEN to deliver one of their 3 hour courses to its Consultants.

The course, which outlined the responsibilities that SDG’s professionals have under the revised 2007 legislation, was delivered by Clive Waring, one of PROjEN’s HSE experts.

Feedback demonstrated that the course was well received with a 100% of delegates agreeing that the course was a) beneficial and b) maintained interest.

Speaking today, Clive Waring, one of PROjEN’s HSE Experts commented “it is always good to get feedback on the content that you deliver; and to hear that the delegates found the course beneficial and held their interest means that we got it right! Health and Safety Legislation, and in particular the CDM regulations, can be quite hard to get your head round, but I am pleased to say that I hit the spot – matching content to the audience. SDG have asked PROjEN to deliver more training surrounding this topic, so I look forward to working with them again in the near future.”

PROjEN’s Project management key to GSK’s Drug Approval

PROjEN, the award winning Project Management Company based in Cheshire are pleased to announce that the project management work that they have carried out at GSK’s Tonbridge site has helped enable GlaxoSmithKline in getting the new product “ PROMACTA ® (eltrombopag)” approved by the FDA.

GSK have announced that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted accelerated approval for PROMACTA ® (eltrombopag) for the treatment of thrombocytopenia in patients with chronic immune (idiopathic) thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) who have had an insufficient response to corticosteroids, immunoglobulins or splenectomy. – or in layman’s terms – patients whose blood does not clot and an accidental bump or bruise may lead to bleeding.

PROjEN project managed the replacement of an existing filter drier which had become inappropriate for continued used within the pilot plant. The enabling scope of the project covered the de-commissioning of the existing plant, equipment and services. The project specified, installed, commissioned and validated a new Charles Thompson Filter Dryer and all associated services to a successful completion. The quality of the installation enabled GSK to put the Filter Dryer into immediate beneficial use and embark on an 8 month campaign. At a total project cost of £1.5million the new filter drier has been used in continuous production of PROMACTA ® (eltrombopag) and has been an integral part in the drugs successful approval.

Speaking today, John Taylor, PROjEN’s MD said “Sometimes we forget the big picture and the impact that our “day job” has on a wider audience. I am very proud to see that PROjEN’s project management expertise used in the replacement of the filter drier has gone some way to improving the lives of patients who suffer from ITP by way of producing the PROMACTA ® (eltrombopag) drug. We have been assisting GSK with project delivery for some 5 years, particularly through the successful design and installation of pilot plant equipment. We hope to be involved with many more success stories for GSK in the years to come.”

More Christmas Celebrations | PM PROjEN News

PROjEN Employees based at GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK’s) southern sites decided to host their own Christmas do at Prezzo Italian Restaurant in Stevenage.

PROjEN employees gathered from the Tonbridge and Stevenage sites to celebrate in style and make the most of the Christmas cheer.

PROjEN’s MD, John Taylor and Key Account Director Martin Seabrook also attended to thank the team for their efforts over the last 12 months.

As a gesture of good will, the employees each donated £20 for Charity which benefited Cancer Research UK by £240.

Nevin Elliott, PROjEN’s Key Account Manager Commented, “Thanks go to Kimberly Axford who organised tonight’s celebrations and to those who attended.  As well as a company wide celebration, it is nice to hold a localised team celebration; getting the GSK team together and thanking them for their continued support and effort with the GSK account.”

PROjEN’s Project Progress at Cabot Carbon

In May 2008, PROjEN signed an alliance agreement with Cabot Carbon to assist them in the implementation of their projects. Since then the relationship has gone from strength to strength and a number of projects have been completed.

A new £45k reprocessing bin was successfully installed at Cabot’s Ellesmere Port Site. The project involved PROjEN’s EC & I Engineers working on the electrical design and developing Cabot’s initial idea. PROjEN produced the tender documentation to move the reprocessing bin project through to the construction and build phase. Due to the success of the reprocessing bin project, Cabot’s management have now requested that two more are installed and work is envisaged to start January 2009.

PROjEN have also relocated Cabot Carbon’s bag decanting facility to their Stanlow Site. The relocation involved new equipment specification aimed at improving operator safety and containment of the product. After a period of commissioning it will be ready to be handed over to the client in November 2008.

Following a recommendation from FM Global, Cabot Carbon’s Insurers, PROjEN were also requested to explore the potential fire hazard surrounding Cabot Carbon’s Reactors. Following the investigation, PROjEN’s engineers recommended that both Infra Red and Ultra Violet detectors are installed above the reactors to ensure early detection of a fire. The positioning of the detectors is critical to limit the number of false trips (reflections from the burners); therefore a trial period is to take place over the next 6 months ahead of the system being hard wired into place.

PROjEN are also involved in the build phase for the installation of a level and temperature control system on tanks which are used to hold flammables. The project will involve instrument control expertise delivered by PROjEN’s E C & I Engineer Keith James. The overall aim of the project is to minimise the risk of any ignition of flammable vapour within the tanks.

PROjEN’s Alliance Manager for Cabot Carbon, Martin Slaney, said “We have made good progress with the portfolio of projects and we have received positive feedback from Cabot Carbon’s management which has included repeat work orders. The bulk of the project work focuses on compliance, operational and quality improvements. Our progress to date means that Cabot Carbon is well on its way to realising these business improvements.”

Health and Safety… PROjEN Employees win hands down!

PROjEN the award winning Project Management Company have recently launched a Health and Safety Newsletter aimed at internally raising awareness of Health and Safety issues.

The first newsletter contained information on Site Waste Management Plan Regulations 2008, a reminder about the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998 along with hints and tips on the safe use of fire works and how to protect your home from the threat of fire over the Christmas period.

In addition to Health and Safety updates and practical hints and tips, the newsletter contained a Health and a Safety Word Search, which aimed to raise awareness of current topics and provided two winners Angela Keegan and Gill McCandless each receiving a bottle of wine.

The next PROjEN Health and Safety Newsletter is due in February 2009 and is programmed to contain updates on current legislation, provide details on HSE criminal prosecutions as well as the HSE’s Health and Safety Statistics on deaths in the workplace. It will also launch a PROjEN’s initiative to increase the number of Health and Safety observations raised internally; statistically it has been proven that the greater number of observations, the fewer accidents actually take place, working to the age old philosophy that prevention is better than cure!

In addition to the newsletter, Maggie Barnes, one of PROjEN’s resident Health and Safety Advisors also raised awareness of October 2008’s European Health & Safety Week. The Health and Safety Event was themed as “Healthy Workplaces” and focused primarily on risk assessments. Maggie was keen to get PROjEN employees involved and sent out a number of quizzes with the winners each receiving a bottle of wine. The winners (Alberto Enjuanes, Mark Taylor, Stan Gerrard, Alison McKay and Angela Keegan) each attained 100% in the quiz proving that they are up on their Health and Safety knowledge.

Lyndon Workman, PROjEN’s Principal Health and Safety Advisor commented “it is good to see that so many personnel sitting up and taking notice of our Health and Safety Initiatives. The introduction of the newsletter and our involvement with European Initiatives are key to ensuring that we remain switched on when it comes to Health and Safety. Over the past 7 years we have received consecutive RoSPA Gold Awards for our impeccable health and safety record and initiatives to increase the number of observations we receive internally will go some way in helping us maintain our outstanding Health and Safety performance.

PROjEN’s Charitable Commitment

PROjEN, the award winning Project Management Company based in Cheshire have once again shown their commitment to charity by taking part in the “Wear It Pink Campaign” and the “Jeans for Genes Day”.

In October 2008, Staff at PROjEN’s head office dusted off their best pink frocks, ties and shirts to raise money for Breast Cancer.

The Breast Cancer Campaign has been running “the Wear it Pink” event for many years now and aims to raise awareness of the disease as well help find a cure. Celebrities such as Kylie Minogue have helped raise the profile in recent years; however it is not just a women only disease. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), this year alone over 182,000 women and men have been diagnosed with breast cancer; and of that number over 40,000 have succumbed to the disease.

In addition to the Wear it Pink Campaign, denim was also worn to raise money for Jeans for Genes. Jeans for Genes is a national children’s charity which raises money for the care of children with genetic disorders.

John Taylor – PROjEN’s MD, commented “I am always pleased to see PROjEN’s employees join in and support charitable causes – not only is good for the charities, but also for morale in the office. There were no pink wigs this year for “wear it pink” …just a few strange dress combinations to make the most of the day…. Overall in October I am pleased to report that PROjEN employees raised a total of £151 for Breast Cancer Care and Jeans for Genes… these are both worthwhile causes and I thank Emily Birch for arranging the days and all those who made the effort and took part.”

PROjEN submit application for the 2009 Queens Award

PROjEN, the Cheshire based award winning Project Management Company have submitted a Queens Award for Enterprise application.

PROjEN have chosen to submit their application under the “sustainability” category outlining their outstanding progress to date from a failing business in 2002 to the prosperous business it is today in 2008.

Through their application PROjEN outline their change in management with the appointment of their current MD John Taylor in 2002, along with their change in business ethos. They also proudly list some of their many achievements, which have included the company purchase of 3i’s 25% shareholding in 2005, a growth in employee numbers from 45 to 99, annual fee sales growth up to £10 million, seven consecutive RoSPA Gold Awards for Health and Safety Performance, a Bentley New Technology Award in 2005, the Vale Royal Business of the Year Award in 2006 and the 2007 High Sheriff Award. PROjEN also hold four construction institute awards which were awarded in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2008.

PROjEN’s success centres on their commitment to sustainability. Their application outlines initiatives such as their head office recycling scheme, their commitment to reduce carbon emissions through their walk/ cycle to work and car share schemes. In addition their application also outlines their support of the local economy through their environmental and local procurement policies.

PROjEN’s application outlines that through the services that they deliver they also significantly contribute to the sustainability of their clients operations. Amongst some of the clients highlighted was PROjEN’s work with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) on the replacement of their R22 Chillers at GSK’s Stevenage Site, their site surveying work on behalf of Thor Specialities identifying energy saving measures and their work with NGF Europe in the installation of a “freepower” unit. This is an innovative means of taking waste heat and converting it back into electricity. Due for completion in March 2009, it is estimated that NGF Europe will save £93k per annum on their energy bill and benefit by a reduction of 880 CO2 tonnes per year after installation.

The deadline for the Queens Award was the 31st October 2008 and the assessment process is now taking place with the winners to be publicly announced on 21 April 2009, HM The Queen’s Birthday.

John Taylor PROjEN’s MD commented – “we are proud of the way we do business at PROjEN, ensuring our activities are not only good for now, but also for the future. Our Queens Awards application demonstrates PROjEN’s commitment to sustainable operations and publicises not only our own efforts in ensuring business activities are sustainable, but also the activities we carry out on behalf of our clients. In 2002 we were struggling, operating very much on a day to day basis. We now operate with the future in mind, limiting our impact on the environment, giving back to the community and helping the local economy to prosper. PROjEN changes in management and business ethos has paid off and we now have record growth and a clear conscious that our business activities will help safe guard the future for generations to come.”

PROjEN sponsor Barnton under 9s YFC

PROjEN are always keen to support a number of local organisations and when Mark Warrington, PROjEN’s Procurement Manager approached John Taylor PROjEN’s MD to ask for some support for his sons James’s team “Barnton YFC under 9’s “, John was keen to help and agreed to buy the kit.

John commented “Mark has recently completed his Level 1 F.A coaching badge and was keen to get PROjEN involved with the team sponsorship. The kit looks great and I’m sure they will do us proud over the next 2 years”

Another Successful Finish | PM PROjEN News

PROjEN and GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) Capital Projects Process Department are pleased to announce the safe delivery of their Stevenage site’s Fire Protection Project on time and under budget.

In 2005, it was decided that there could be significant fire risk to Stevenage’s Pilot Plant and that a fire protection study should be commissioned to determine the best means of protecting the plant. PROjEN were asked to undertake the study and following their recommendations and endorsement by GSK’s insurers Factory Mutual, it was decided to install a High Fog System, extend the current Sprinkler System and refurbish the current Fire Dampers.

Steve Campbell, PROjEN’s Senior Project Manager, managed the high value project ensuring that designs provided comprehensive protection to the major plant and equipment. It was recognised that the Chemistry Pilot Plant is a very important site facility at Stevenage and that active fire protection throughout would provide both an effective means of protecting GSK’s assets and the ability to continue important and critical drug trials.

The complex project involved a mix of fire protection methods and required Steve to contract the skills of external organisations. Core skills and the quality of the external contractors were validated through PROjEN’s detailed vendor appraisal process.

Construction started in April 2007 and has involved almost 26,000 man hours. The use of a Safety Incentive Scheme “WORKING SAFELY TOGETHER” has contributed to the project’s impeccable safety record, ensuring that contractors were fully inducted, received tool box talks and were recognised and rewarded personally for good safety performance through the monthly award of Marks and Spencer vouchers.

The PROjEN team worked along side the New Ducts, Marioff , Hall and Kay, Tri –Management, and GSK engineers to ensure that the project was kept to timescales and budgets and delivered in line with scope and design. Because of the long timescale of the project there were a number of personnel changes, however a clear definition of roles and responsibilities minimised any disruption.

PROjEN managed this project successfully from start to finish and has been able to deliver the project with an under spend of £118, 506 which will be handed back to the business and equates to a saving of over 5% on the total project cost of £2,207,494.00.

The main attributing factors to the success of the project were very good definition through the scheme design, proactive interaction through the Steering Group and delivery in line with the GSK project management standards including good construction management controls.

John Taylor, PROjEN’s Managing Director, commented “This is another example of PROjEN’s excellent project delivery and in today’s climate; it truly is a success story – safe and timely project delivery, which has an additional cash back benefit!”

Russ Harvey, GSK Project Engineering Manager added “Obviously I am very pleased that the project was delivered under the projected cost and schedule. I am equally if not more pleased with the Health and Safety performance over the 26,000 man-hours worked. The whole performance is a credit to everyone involved on this project and they all deserve a pat on the back”.