Year: 2008

PROjEN’s Improvements at Cavendish Mill

PROjEN, the award winning Project Management Company based in Cheshire have been working with Ineos Fluor and Glebe Mines at their Cavendish Mill site in the Derbyshire Peak District.

PROjEN have been contracted initially to provide front end design for two projects at the site. The first is to install a means to control the water and tailings (water containing fine particles of mined materials) flow into and out of the Mill Processing Plant. The project involves the installation of flow and level instrumentation to ensure containment. This phase of the project is being managed by PROjEN’s experienced team of engineers with backgrounds in Process, Electrical and Instrumentation and Mechanical. The output from this phase will be a fully costed design package suitable for getting capital sanction for the project to proceed.

The second project is focused on designing wheel washing facilities for use at the site. Currently the raw material to be processed is transported from the mine to the processing plant using large dumper trucks. On their journey they cross two public highways and the mud that they accumulate is deposited on these roads. PROjEN are currently preparing equipment specifications and design packages for a system that will wash the wheels and the underside of the vehicles prior to them crossing the public road to prevent the deposits.

The design work for the wheel washing facilities is due to be finished in November and if sanctioned PROjEN will manage the implementation. To date the design work has involved the expertise of PROjEN’s Project Engineering, EC&I and Mechanical Design Professionals and once sanctioned PROjEN will provide both CDM support and Construction Management.

Dave Mairs, PROjEN’s Technical Manager commented “We have been working with Ineos Fluor for sometime and our involvement at Cavendish Mill has helped to solidify the relationship. On completion, assisted by our team of multi-disciplined engineers and our project management expertise, Ineos will have achieved its goal of improved environmental performance at the Cavendish Mill Site.”

GlaxoSmithKline and PM PROjEN put “Safety First.”

PROjEN, the award winning Project Management Company who have partnered GlaxoSmithKline’s Capital Project Process Department since 2004 have rolled out numerous health and safety initiatives under the banner “WORKING SAFELY TOGETHER”

The latest initiatives have been focused on the Fire Protection Project and the Bursting Discs Project and involve promoting the safety message to the construction team through detailed inductions, supplementary tool box talks and through a special incentive to keep the safety message firmly at the front of everyone’s mind.

The incentive, £25 Marks and Spencer Vouchers are awarded monthly to deserving members of the construction team, who have shown outstanding commitment to safety and maintaining safe working practices within the Chemical Pilot Plant. Awards are made by Stan Gerrard, PROjEN’s Construction Supervisor who observes the teams working practices over the month and selects the worthy winner.

Across the two projects, to date, award winners have included Jason Tang (Halcyon), Ian Anderson (Hall & Kay), David Halliday (Marioff), Chris Abbott (EMCOR), Ben Watling (Connect Scaffolding), Danny Heritage (EMCOR Special Services), Eddie Salin (Marioff), Aleksandrs Lavrinovics (New Ducts), Mykola Herman (New Ducts) and Declan Wells (ICEL Ltd).

Stan Gerrard PROjEN’s Construction Supervisor comments “Safety is crucial to all project construction phases and to date across both the Fire Protection and Bursting Discs Projects there has been a total of 25,663 man hours worked without injury. This is testament that that we have selected the right people for the job with the right skills and the right attitude. The safety incentive scheme is the icing on the cake rewarding the individual that helps keep the team safe.”

John Taylor, managing director for PROjEN comments, “PROjEN recognise the importance of working safely, not only to ensure that we comply with current legislation, but also to fulfil our commitment to health and safety compliance. For the past seven years we have been proud winners of the “Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents” (RoSPA) Gold Medal Award and have recently been awarded the 2008 Medal. Incentives such as the “WORKING SAFELY TOGETHER” scheme are a perfect example as to why we maintain such an impeccable Health and Safety record.”

Another Successful Finish | PM PROjEN News

PROjEN and GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) Capital Projects Process Department are pleased to announce the safe delivery of their Stevenage site’s Fire Protection Project on time and under budget.

In 2005, it was decided that there could be significant fire risk to Stevenage’s Pilot Plant and that a fire protection study should be commissioned to determine the best means of protecting the plant. PROjEN were asked to undertake the study and following their recommendations and endorsement by GSK’s insurers Factory Mutual, it was decided to install a High Fog System, extend the current Sprinkler System and refurbish the current Fire Dampers.

Steve Campbell, PROjEN’s Senior Project Manager, managed the high value project ensuring that designs provided comprehensive protection to the major plant and equipment. It was recognised that the Chemistry Pilot Plant is a very important site facility at Stevenage and that active fire protection throughout would provide both an effective means of protecting GSK’s assets and the ability to continue important and critical drug trials.

The complex project involved a mix of fire protection methods and required Steve to contract the skills of external organisations. Core skills and the quality of the external contractors were validated through PROjEN’s detailed vendor appraisal process.

Construction started in April 2007 and has involved almost 26,000 man hours. The use of a Safety Incentive Scheme “WORKING SAFELY TOGETHER” has contributed to the project’s impeccable safety record, ensuring that contractors were fully inducted, received tool box talks and were recognised and rewarded personally for good safety performance through the monthly award of Marks and Spencer vouchers.

The PROjEN team worked along side the New Ducts, Marioff , Hall and Kay, Tri –Management, and GSK engineers to ensure that the project was kept to timescales and budgets and delivered in line with scope and design. Because of the long timescale of the project there were a number of personnel changes, however a clear definition of roles and responsibilities minimised any disruption.

PROjEN managed this project successfully from start to finish and has been able to deliver the project with an under spend of £118, 506 which will be handed back to the business and equates to a saving of over 5% on the total project cost of £2,207,494.00.

The main attributing factors to the success of the project were very good definition through the scheme design, proactive interaction through the Steering Group and delivery in line with the GSK project management standards including good construction management controls.

John Taylor, PROjEN’s Managing Director, commented “This is another example of PROjEN’s excellent project delivery and in today’s climate; it truly is a success story – safe and timely project delivery, which has an additional cash back benefit!”

Russ Harvey, GSK Project Engineering Manager added “Obviously I am very pleased that the project was delivered under the projected cost and schedule. I am equally if not more pleased with the Health and Safety performance over the 26,000 man-hours worked. The whole performance is a credit to everyone involved on this project and they all deserve a pat on the back”.

PM PROjEN ISO 14001 Latest News | PM PROjEN News

PROjEN are true advocates of energy reduction and focus on minimising the environmental impact of both our own activities and those of our clients. In order to gain recognition for this, PROjEN has embarked on the path to attaining the prestigious ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management.

PROjEN has held the ISO 9001 certification for it’s quality management systems for many years and views ISO 14001 certification as being a logical next step towards demonstrating PROjEN’s responsible approach to energy usage and care for the environment.

PROjEN has recently published its own Environmental Policy designed to promote our approach to the impacts of our business in the local and global environment.

The initial stages of the compliance process saw the involvement of an external consultant to conduct a gap analysis of current practice against the requirements of the standard. Following this consultation and a formal presentation of the findings to PROjEN’s management team, we took the decision to move forward and have all training, systems, processes and documentation in place for the end of the 2008. Following a period of operation of the new systems and processes, (including confirmation of compliance by carrying out our own internal audits), we will look to attain certification through external approved auditors early in 2009.

There have already been a number of new activities introduced to support the requirements of ISO14001. One example being the automatic daily monitoring of our electricity supply. As a result of this activity we have been able to publish electricity consumption data to all staff. This has resulted in the identification of an energy minimisation programme which targets the unnecessary operation of equipment, eg that left on standby and/or left on overnight.

PROjEN has also implemented a sustainability review process, which will look at the energy and environmental phpects of all projects. This activity will become part of our proposed environmental management process, auditable within the ISO14001 system.

August 2008 pride winner is a another joint award

The voting for the latest PROjEN PRIDE Award was a very close run affair as usual and there were, again, two deserving winners. The latest PRIDE Award for August 2008 has been awarded to Martin Briggs and Gillian McCandless, both outstanding members of the PROjEN team.

Intended to encourage team working and company involvement, the PROjEN PRIDE Award is open to all members of the PROjEN team and is presented quarterly at the core brief sessions with each ‘winner’ receiving £250 in M&S vouchers. The award has already proved instrumental in encouraging pride in the workplace and rewards good attitude and commitment to both client and company. All employees are aware of the positive impact a PRIDE attitude brings to PROjEN. Martin and Gill join the increasing list of hard working PROjEN personnel who have won the award and which includes both site and office based personnel. Nominations were received for a number of personnel; however both Gill and Martin received the highest number of votes for their outstanding performance.

Both winners received a number of positive comments from those voting, and more specifically comments made by those voting for Martin referred to him as “always being very helpful, polite and willing to listen despite having a heavy workload”. Similarly, Gill received a number of welcomed comments including recognition of her “enthusiastic support to the GSK Team and willingness to go that little bit further” received particular attention. The appreciation shown by their work colleagues makes them both very worthy winners.

John Taylor, PROjEN’s MD said “By epitomizing all that the PROjEN PRIDE Award stands for – PROjEN Recognition for Industry Diligence and Enthusiasm – Martin and Gill’s attitude to work is an example to all, helping to ensure that PROjEN moves forward and continues to build on past successes.”

PROjEN provide energy analysis for defence based manufacturer.

PROjEN the award winning Project Management Company have been engaged by a global specialist defence manufacturer to identify their sites energy usage.

The site in the South of England consists of over 180 buildings which are a mix of old and new, some dating back to post war period. There are a large number of single skinned buildings used for manufacture, assembly and storage which are currently heated by either oil fired boilers or electric flameproof radiators.

PROjEN have installed portable electricity data loggers on individual unmetered building services which have allowed data capture for approximately 70% of the sites electricity load. The focus has been on the key buildings and to identify where demand originates.

Initial observations of energy waste suggest that the single skinned buildings used to store final products are the main culprits when it comes to energy use. The appears to be consequence of building construction combined with poor temperature control and confusion over temperature set points (requiring the temperature to be maintained at 30oC),. This however will be confirmed once the data has been received and analysed.

Tony Baldwin one of PROjEN’s Energy Engineers, said “The monitoring equipment chosen for this project included portable single and 3 phase data loggers, which were easy to programme and install. We have set them to monitor energy usage against pre-determined intervals and left them to record for a period of 1-2 weeks, after which the data is downloaded for analysis”.

PROjEN are currently in the process of collating and analysing the data ready for presenting to the client along with all other recommendations.

Speaking today, John Taylor, PROjEN’s MD said “This is another example of PROjEN’s Energy, Environment and Compliance Team, getting out there and providing an essential service. With today’s increasing energy costs, who wouldn’t want to know where you can save money? We have been employing the same technology at our head office and I have been amazed with the information and the advice from our Energy Team on where savings can be made; to be in the dark over energy consumption in today’s climate is madness when our Energy Experts are on hand to help.”

PROjEN raise £3500 for Charity

Employees of PROjEN the award winning Project Management Company based in Northwich, Cheshire has raised over £3500 since the beginning of 2008 in support of both local and national charities.

In March 2008, a PROjEN team of swimmers completed 163 lengths in 55 minutes at the Moss Pool Farm in Northwich, raising £1500 in the process. This money was donated to the Northwich Rotary Club, benefiting Mencap, Macmillan Nurses, and Computers At Home.

On 1 June 2008, Lyndon Workman raised £250 for Bowel Cancer UK cycling an impressive 39 miles from Manchester to Liverpool.

At PROjEN’s 30th Birthday Celebration held on the 6th June 2008 at the MacDonald Portal Hotel, Cheshire, £1010 was raised on behalf of the Macmillan Nurses and the Wigan and Leigh Hospice.

In July 2008 over £700 was raised for Cancer Research UK by ten PROjEN employees who took part in the 5km “Race for Life” events held in Warrington and London.

John Taylor, PROjEN’s MD, commented, “It is great to see PROjEN staff raising money for such worthwhile causes. Year on year, the staff at PROjEN make me very proud; their generosity astounds me, giving both time and money to those causes that need it.”

PM PROjEN to upgrade Greenergys newly acquired sites

Greenergy Fuels Ltd, the UK’s fastest growing independent fuel supplier have contracted PROjEN, the award winning Cheshire based Project Management Company to upgrade two of its latest acquisitions.

The Mayflower and Cattedown sites acquired from Conoco Phillips which are located on the Plymouth coast will both receive a refurbishment ensuring compliance with both environmental requirements and Buncefield recommendations.

This HSE and Environment Agency driven upgrade will take place over an 18 month period allowing for operations to continue at both of the sites.

The proposed investment by Greenergy will allow for greater reliability and efficiency and will see the capacity of the sites almost double. In addition to becoming more environmentally friendly, the sites will also aid the supply of fuel to the South West of England, which is historically subject to high prices due to under supply.

PROjEN will project manage the upgrade which includes the demolition of existing storage tanks, the addition of new tanks, a new Control System which will incorporate a ‘state of the art’ safety system and the installation of new loading racks for increased road transportation. All fuels will be appropriately blended with biofuels as part of the facility upgrade.

Speaking today, PROjEN’s Key Account Director, Martin Seabrook said “We are delighted that Greenergy have chosen PROjEN to project manage the upgrade of their latest investment. We already have a successful history of working with Greenergy. At their Immingham Site; we constructed a new 100,000 tonnes per annum biodiesel processing plant and due to its unprecedented success we were awarded the European Construction Industry (ECI) ‘ Project of the Year 2008′. Greenergy’s desire to use our expertise again at their Mayflower and Cattedown sites only goes to show the trust they have in our award winning ability.”

PROjEN Launch specialist energy website

PROjEN, the award winning Project Management Company based in Northwich, Cheshire, has just announced the launch of a specialist energy management website to compliment the company’s growing specialist energy, environmental and compliance services.

The Energy Management Services site, which has been in development for over 8 months, went live in June 2008. It is located on a sub domain of the general PROjEN corporate website and can be found by visiting or by using the energy services link from the main navigation link on the home page.

PROjEN has been offering complimentary energy, environmental and compliance products to its clients for many years as additional support to its traditional project management services. However, over the last 3 years, this has developed into a suite of specialist stand alone services covering broad areas such as environmental legislative compliance, Carbon Trust support, energy use administration and environmental project management. In total, PROjEN now has over 30 individual products and services covering energy and environmental management that it offers to new and existing clients, either as stand alone services or as part of a major industrial project.

The new PROjEN energy management website identifies and clarifies these 30 individual service offerings and explains issues such as the HFC F Gas Regulations and the DSEAR/ATEX Regulations and how such legislation affects processing and manufacturing companies in the UK. Clients then work with PROjEN on implementing energy and environmental policies with a view to embracing greener manufacturing or meeting the legislation – delivered from a practical and holistic viewpoint.

The launch of the energy management website will be supported by a national advertising campaign focusing on trade publications within the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and processing industries as well as new media solutions including on-line marketing and e-mail campaigns to new and existing clients.

John Taylor, Managing Director said “We have always taken environmental issues, health & safety and legislative compliance very seriously at PROjEN and these core values have been a part of our day to day work since the company was formed 30 years ago. Over the last few years, however, pressure initially from the government and then from major business has seen the energy and environmental phpects of what we do rise up the list of importance. We are now finding that not only are these issues included in the work we do for our clients, but that in many instances, they are now complete projects in their own right. We see these new services growing further and becoming a major business for us and the launch of this new website will help clients understand what assistance is available – without the usual ‘consultant speak’

PM PROjEN Pedal Power | PM PROjEN News

On Sunday 01 June 2008, the Manchester to Liverpool Bike Ride took place in aid of Bowel Cancer UK. Amongst the participants was PROjEN’s very own Lyndon Workman.

Lyndon who is a keen bike rider undertook the challenge of the 39 mile bike ride completing it in a very respectable 2.5 hours.

Lyndon has been fundraising over the last few weeks and has raised £250 for the charity

When speaking about the event, Lyndon said “I made sure I was well prepared for the ride, after a healthy fry up and a cup of tea I was ready, initially averaging at 18 mph I was like a man possessed, however this was not to be maintained as I hit one or two walls of exhaustion …. That said and done I did manage to complete the ride in 2.5 hours which I am very pleased about.”

Lyndon is a very good charitable advocate for PROjEN, every year he raises funds for charitable causes. This year to date, he has helped raise over £1500 which benefited many local causes.

John Taylor, PROjEN’s Managing Director said “It always amazes me how much the staff at PROjEN are willing to give, both in terms of time and sponsorship, I am very proud to be associated with a company whose staff give back to the community, Lyndon has already taken part in the Northwich Swimathon this year and I know that a number of the girls in the office are taking part in Cancer Research’s Race for Life. All I can say is well done to all and keep it up.”