Year: 2010

PROjEN Highlight their Commitment to Healthy Workplaces

Specialist Engineering Project Management company PROjEN are supporting the European Week of Safety campaign which starts week commencing the 25th October. The campaign is focused on raising awareness of both legal responsibilities and the practical need to assess risks in the workplace. PROjEN are fully committed to the campaign and are targeting both office and site based personnel and contractors.

With over 30 years of project/risk management experience PROjEN recognises that risk assessment is key to sound health and safety management. By carrying out effective risk management procedures, PROjEN has the ability to protect client projects by maximising opportunities and value whilst minimising threats – a prerequisite of all effective project management solutions. PROjEN’s Managing Director, Martin Seabrook comments;

“It is fantastic to see the level of commitment that PROjEN has demonstrated to the safety campaign by supporting the risk assessment campaign. By providing clear and simple guidance, PROjEN strives to empower all personnel to carry out effective risk assessments, and to take appropriate action to eliminate or control risks”.

PROjEN’s outstanding Health and Safety statistics and nine consecutive RoSPA Gold Awards are testimony to the company’s ability to raise Health and Safety awareness on the projects they manage. PROjEN has a diverse client base which includes a substantial number of large blue chip organisations. The company’s record for client retention is exceptional and the outstanding Health and Safety record highlights PROjEN’s commitment to sustaining long-term business success with both their current and prospective clients.

PROjEN Joins Forces with Doctor Les Gornall

Specialist Engineering Project Management company PROjEN, based in Preston Brook, Cheshire has formed an Alliance with Doctor Les Gornall who is widely regarded as the UK’s leading expert in Anaerobic Digestion and Waste Water Treatment.  This partnership gives even greater weight to PROjEN’s service offering and demonstrates the company’s commitment in becoming the UK’s leading supplier in all phpects of waste management, including de-packaging, anaerobic digestion, CHP and conversion of waste heat to electricity.

Dr Gornall has over 30 years experience of building, operating, designing and commissioning anaerobic digesters and waste water treatment plants.  He has become an internationally recognised environmental consultant who has extensive experience in waste and biogas issues across the world.  He has written many papers for technical magazines and is often quoted by his pseudonym “Dr Sludge”.

PROjEN have expanded their service offering into a number of niche areas such as helping companies to reduce their energy costs and meet legislative compliance issues including DSEAR, IPPC and post Buncefield Requirements. These new services have been driven by clients and in recent times many in the waste industry have been pushing for a combination of both the theoretical and practical phpects of waste management.  PROjEN’s Managing Director, Martin Seabrook comments:

“PROjEN’s strength is that when we offer a service we ensure we can add value to the client.  We recognise that no one individual or company has all the answers and by working with like minded associates we can each focus on our own strengths.  Through Les’ extensive knowledge of the waste market and our own award winning history in project and construction management we feel we are able to offer our clients a much stronger package than our competitors”.

In addition to working with Dr Gornall PROjEN have also renewed their distributor agreement with FreePower – this product generates electricity from waste heat and will become a major talking point this year in both waste and industrial applications.  PROjEN have also formed an alliance with Axion Consulting – process experts in the field of waste and recycling.

PROjEN are Shortlisted for Prestigious Local Cheshire Awards

PROjEN, a specialist engineering project management company, based in Preston Brook, Cheshire is celebrating being shortlisted for both the ‘Large Business of the Year Award’ and also the ‘Community Award’ in the Trinity Mirror Cheshire Business Awards 2010.

Previously PROjEN had been voted the Vale Royal ‘Business of the Year in 2006 and won the first ever High Sheriff of Cheshire Award for Enterprise in 2007. Other awards include three European Construction Institute Awards and in 2009 PROjEN secured their ninth successive RoSPA Gold Award for outstanding Health & Safety performance. To be nominated in the ‘Business of the Year’ category is testimony to the Company’s sales growth and reflects on a remarkable team of people at PROjEN. Likewise being shortlisted for the Community Award acknowledges the staff’s support for a range of charity fund-raising, support for the local business community, outstanding educational and environmental initiatives.

It was reported that this year in particular received a record number of entries for each category and that the overall standard was extremely high. Being shortlisted for both award categories is therefore a welcome recognition of the achievements of the company as a whole; PROjEN’s Managing Director Martin Seabrook is delighted with the company’s success:

“I am extremely proud of PROjEN’s achievements- it is a great honour to be shortlisted for two such prestigious business awards. We have worked extremely hard and just being shortlisted with such strong opposition shows the ongoing ambition of PROjEN.”

This year’s awards ceremony and gala dinner will be taking place on Friday 8th October at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chester where the winners will be announced for each category. The Award would be a boost to morale and a testament to the hard work of PROjEN’s employees.

PROjEN are extremely proud of their awards – particularly those measuring the Company’s Health & Safety record and also those voted for in their local area. The company’s record for client retention is exceptional and being shortlisted for both awards highlights PROjEN’s commitment to sustaining long-term business success with both their current and prospective clients.

PROjEN Works In Partnership with Local Engineering College

Specialist Engineering Project Management company PROjEN, based in Preston Brook, Cheshire has recently formed a partnership with the Specialist Engineering College at Great Sankey Engineering High School. PROjEN initiated the relationship so that pupils at the college would have the opportunity to become directly involved in PROjEN’s business, with the intention of helping them in their future career in Engineering.

Over the last 2 months PROjEN have been successful in building networks by providing work experience, attending career days and helping with the diploma course for Engineering at the college. Great Sankey’s Engineering Director- Sue Harrison comments:

“We are extremely proud of the relationship we have built with PROjEN. The college are always looking to build new working relationships with local companies and are delighted with the help PROjEN have provided to pupils at the college. We are extremely grateful and look forward to receiving their ongoing support.”

Students Phil Davies and Ryan Wareing both attended PROjEN’s offices in Preston Brook where they become involved in the day to day running of the business, discovering more about PROjEN’s services and business improvement products. This included learning about Laser Scanning and gaining hands on experience of using the Laser Scanner.

The company also took part in an Employer Engagement Day at the school, which involved helping the students to explore various career paths and helping them to prepare their CV for employment. PROjEN’s Managing Director- Martin Seabrook comments:

“We are delighted we are now at a stage where we are able to offer our support to local schools and colleges in the area. PROjEN is committed to promoting sustainability in all its forms and our concern for promoting a broader sustainability agenda is integral to PROjEN’s professional activities and the management of the organisation”

PROjEN are extremely proud of their support for schools and the local community and will continue to work with local schools and businesses to support employment in the local area in future years to come.

PROjEN Highlight their Continued Investment in People

Specialist Engineering Project Management company PROjEN, based in Preston Brook, Cheshire has recently recruited Richard Smith as an EC&I Apprentice to finish his 2 year apprenticeship scheme with the company. Richard joins PROjEN from TTE (Technical Training Group) and is to due to start work on 6th September 2010.

Apprenticeships offer an alternative and rewarding route to further and higher education, combining work-based training with theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Work-based training is designed to maximise the learners’ potential for career development and future employment.

PROjEN are fully committed to the ongoing development of their people and therefore fully support apprenticeship programmes and recognise the benefits for both the apprentice and the company taking on the apprentice. PROjEN’s Managing Director- Martin Seabrook comments:

“We are a growing company and having enthusiastic people with the right skills is central to our future success. That is why PROjEN are committed to the continued investment in the development of talent and the earlier we can catch them the better. PROjEN recognise that the benefits involved in taking on an apprentice include higher productivity, quality of work, staff retention and employee satisfaction”.

PROjEN’s objective for future growth is to maintain a sustainable growth pattern that involves all their personnel. The company will continue to achieve a more sustainable business by re-enforcing existing programmes and developing new initiatives, which include their support to provide employment opportunities for the young, support for charities and the local business community.

PROjEN Demonstrate their Commitment to BREEAM

PROjEN, the specialist engineering project management company have recently held a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) workshop at their business premises in Preston Brook, Cheshire. The workshop was attended by PROjEN’s Managers, Project Managers and Designers. The objective of the workshop was to highlight and reinforce the importance of incorporating specific techniques and tools into the detail of buildings being designed on behalf of PROjEN’s clients.

BREEAM has been used for more than 10 years to assess and optimise the environmental performance of new buildings at the design stage and is being increasingly used by client’s concerned about the environmental impacts of their buildings. It provides a transparent label of performance used by designers to distinguish and specify buildings which embrace environmental best practice in their design and procurement.

As a company who are committed to the personal development of their staff and sustaining long term business relationships with their clients, PROjEN continually strive to assess the training requirements of their employees. PROjEN realised the importance of BREEAM in the service they supply to their clients; PROjEN’s Managing Director Martin Seabrook comments:

“The BREEAM workshop will help PROjEN’s employees to minimise the environmental impact by ensuring sustainable best practices are in place while also lowering their clients’ costs through energy efficiency”.

PROjEN has a diverse client base which includes a substantial number of large blue chip organisations and the company’s record for client retention is exceptional. This workshop and recognition of BREEAM will help ensure PROjEN continues to be its client’s project management company of choice.

PROjEN Employees Cycle for Charity

On 30th May 2010 two PROjEN employees took part in a thirty eight mile bike ride to raise money for Halton House Hospice. The route began in Salford Quays in Manchester and took them through the suburbs and out into the countryside. They encountered a range of obstacles including steep gradients, rough terrain and strong headwind as the journey lead them gradually toward the destination in Liverpool.

Along the way, Lyndon and Shane overcame a number of mechanical problems as well as some more personal issues associated with ill fitting saddles !!, all of which added to the difficulty of the ride. PROjEN play an active role in supporting causes like Halton House Hospice, and Lyndon and Shane clearly displayed this in their determination, commitment and ability to rise to the challenge.

With thirty seven miles gone and only one to complete, a sense of achievement welled up within the PROjEN duo causing a new level of motivation. This was soon destroyed by a big hill between them and the finish line. Shane Pugh said: “To have managed to do almost forty miles was tough but the final slope was a real challenge.”

They pushed up the hill, despite the hindrance of their exhaustion, and eventually reached the top. This achievement really summarises what PROjEN does to help charities. When confronted with a challenge the company battle it through, ignoring the difficulty and the sacrifices, only focusing on one goal – helping a worthwhile cause.

PROjEN retain world Twenty 20 Cup

Following on from England’s success in the West Indies the PROjEN cricket team successfully retained the cricket Challenge Cup against Clancy at the Northern Cricket Club in Crosby (not quite Barbados but the sun did shine occasionally). The Clancy team started off slowly and lost quick wickets – mainly due to the much improved bowling attack of Darren Hargreaves, Andrew Davenport, Mark Warrington, Dave Elliott and Paul Anders. Everyone else bowled one over each and everything was going well until nine wickets had been taken and Clancy’s star player Ross was allowed to come back on after retiring on 25 runs (competition rules). Ross promptly scored another 25 runs but this was partly down to the fielding limitations – no, not the number of players limited outside the fielding circle but the actual limitations of the fielders (young ones like Mike McNally excepted).

Set a respectable 107 to win the PROjEN team set of at a steady pace with few alarms – save John Taylor successfully top-edging a Craig Yates delivery into his face. Over 60 runs were on the board when John and fellow opening batsman Dave Elliott had to retire unbeaten on 25 each (yes there were a lot of wides). Andy Davenport took over the batting duties to score a quick 25 after which followed a few cameo innings from Marcus Royle (run out by AD who despite this is still confident he will be paid this month) and Mike McKay and Dave Mairs. Mike and Dave decided to make the match more interesting by slowing the scoring rate so only one over was left but eventually it was left to MD Martin Seabrook to come in to secure the win with a match winning innings – of 2 runs from one ball!

Following the match the teams reflected over a few sandwiches and beers and Craig Yates “happily” presented the trophy (again) to the winning PROjEN team.

Photo: Martin Seabrook and Andrew Davenport (Man of the match)

PROjEN’s Success in Exceeding the Corporate Energy Reduction

PROjEN are a progressive, multi-disciplined project management company that have the skill, focus and discipline to ensure that projects are not only completed on time and within budget but fully achieve their intended purpose. Nothing more so than delivering results as an integrated part of the team that is exceeding GlaxoSmithKline’s ambitious energy reduction targets.

Between May 2009 and April 2010 the Stevenage Chemistry Pilot Plant has managed to reduce its energy requirements by 56 million kWh, relating to a saving of £250,000 and 1,600 tonnes of CO2. The Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) is therefore 6% ahead of the GSK corporate target to achieve a 20% reduction in energy usage by the end of 2010.

The energy savings achieved on this project are testimony to PROjEN’s ability to provide efficient interim Capital / Energy management services for their clients as well as ensuring all projects managed by the Company include project lifecycle consideration. Martin Seabrook, PROjEN’s Managing Director comments:

“The energy savings achieved on this site demonstrate the experience and professionalism of our Project / Energy Management professionals. It is a great initiative and is becoming more and more of an issue as clients realise that massive energy cost increases can have a devastating effect on their business. PROjEN’s focus is to help ensure GSK exceed the 2015 target of a 45% reduction and to this intent PROjEN are now holding monthly Energy reduction meetings with GSK”.

PROjEN’s record for client retention is exceptional and the outstanding Energy Saving statistics highlight PROjEN’s commitment to sustaining long-term business success with both their current and prospective clients. PROjEN’s industry professionals have supported their clients over the last 30 years on a range of Technical solutions and more recently in the reduction of energy consumption and their associated costs. The company’s energy management team are dedicated to ensure that they safeguard precious resources and help clients to retain their hard earned profits.

Continued Growth and a Confident Future Lead to a New Appointment

PROjEN, a specialist engineering project management company, based in Preston Brook, Cheshire has recently recruited Simon Forshaw as their Head of Projects.

Simon joins PROjEN from James Fisher & Sons Ltd with a successful track record of delivering outstanding results. In his most recent position as Commercial Director he was responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of James Fisher’s Strategic Asset Management Business Unit, building relationships with blue chip organisations globally. In addition he also had functional leadership for the major projects business, developing and delivering long term sustainable revenues in engineering, procurement, construction and management (EPCM) projects.

Prior working at James Fisher, Simon worked for Siemens UK and had responsibility for a portfolio of major projects in Siemens Industrial Projects and Services business, with particular experience in Renewable Energy and Biogas. Simon is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and gained his BEng from the University of Salford.

PROjEN has a diverse client base which includes a substantial number of large blue chip organisations. The company’s record for client retention is exceptional and by ensuring that client expectations are exceeded and company standards are maintained Simon will help to reinforce PROjEN’s market position. Simon comments;

“PROjEN is undertaking a critical role on behalf of their clients and I feel privileged to be asked to lead operations and very excited about the opportunity. PROjEN has much to be proud about in its achievements so far, yet there remains opportunity for operational improvements that will further differentiate the business in the market and underpin the relationships with key clients. PROjEN’s business model, to develop close strategic relationships with their customers sits well with my own business ethos and approach and I look forward to building on the important relationships with our customers and stakeholders who have an important role in PROjEN’s future success”.

PROjEN has enjoyed consistent growth to the extent that both sales and personnel numbers have trebled over the last five years. Moving offices in October last year to 50% larger premises in Preston Brook has allowed PROjEN to provide a superior working environment and scope for further anticipated growth.

PROjEN’s Managing Director, Martin Seabrook comments:

“These are exciting times for us – the success and growth of PROjEN is a result of the company successfully continuing to grow within its expanding markets but also reflects the determination, expertise and professionalism of its staff. We welcome Simon Forshaw to PROjEN at this exciting time and look forward to his seeing contribution to the ongoing success of the company”.