Economic Dimension

sus-eco PROjEN Economic Dimension

PM PROjEN’s financial performance has remained strong during a time of very challenging market conditions. The increase in personnel numbers, increase in Sales Turnover and Profit, significant investments in Training Programmes, IT infrastructure and Charity Involvement plus the ability to speedily respond to new product ideas (eg BioEnergy) and client requirements (eg Buncefield legislation) show that commitment to sustainability and an ethical approach pays dividends.

Recruitment: PM PROjEN’s recruitment strategy focuses not only on the experienced engineer but also on the young.

PM PROjEN also recruit part-time personnel and/or create job-share positions to enable the company to tap into a wider market of skills and experience.

Local Economic Support – Our economic growth has allowed the company to support local societies to a greater extent including the shirt sponsorship of a local boys’ football team and match sponsorship at Conference League Team Northwich Victoria.

Local Procurement – PM PROjEN are keen to support local SME’s and through their local and environmental procurement policy actively contribute to the local economy. We use a significant number of local suppliers to supplement our business activities, whether directly or on behalf of our clients. Where possible, PM PROjEN use local suppliers for all building maintenance to PM PROjEN House.