Leadership & Management Innovation

PROjEN Leadership Management

All new employees are given a comprehensive induction when they start at PM PROjEN which includes and explains the Business Framework by which the company is run and outlines the Corporate Vision and Mission and the values of the Company. It also includes PM PROjEN’s approach to health and safety, business ethos, business style, and the need for good relationships with suppliers, vendors and subcontractors. The Company intranet site is based on Microsoft’s SharePoint technology. This further enhances the communication and knowledge transfer processes (eg ‘how to’ guides etc). The company has also produced a handy guide to environmental management detailing the impacts of pollution, PM PROjEN’s environmental policy & objectives and what every individual can do to help.

Business Processes – In support of the communication process and as a way of establishing a uniform approach to service delivery, PM PROjEN have also invested resources in mapping out their Business Processes. This in itself ensures sustainability of the company and has also supported us to become ISO 9001 certified.

Supply Chain Management – PM PROjEN provide a professional approach to planning, implementing and controlling supply chain operations. PM PROjEN’s use of the contractor prequalification process ensures a cost effective and efficient way of ensuring that suppliers meet PM PROjEN’s policies, environmental and legislative requirements and client service level agreements.

Customer Relations – PM PROjEN operates in the service industry and as such we are highly dependent on people relationships. The impact on the Company’s performance is evident on a daily basis from reactions from customers. The continuing desire to be associated with the PM PROjEN culture (as proven through long-term alliance agreements) is also a clear indicator. On a formal basis, PM PROjEN conducts customer satisfaction surveys on completed projects and have contracted independent reviews to identify learning and improvement opportunities, which are then cascaded to all staff.

Stakeholder Consultation – PM PROjEN has a Sustainability Policy who’s principles are to comply with and exceed where practicable all applicable legislation, regulations and code of practice; conform to ISO14001; integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions; ensure all staff are fully aware of this policy and through the sustainability forum are committed to implementing and improving it; minimise the impact our activities have on sustainability; make our clients & suppliers aware of our sustainability policy and encourage them to adopt sustainable practices; review annually & continue to strive to improve sustainability.