Posted on October 16th, 2008

Another Successful Finish | PM PROjEN News

PROjEN and GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) Capital Projects Process Department are pleased to announce the safe delivery of their Stevenage site’s Fire Protection Project on time and under budget.

In 2005, it was decided that there could be significant fire risk to Stevenage’s Pilot Plant and that a fire protection study should be commissioned to determine the best means of protecting the plant. PROjEN were asked to undertake the study and following their recommendations and endorsement by GSK’s insurers Factory Mutual, it was decided to install a High Fog System, extend the current Sprinkler System and refurbish the current Fire Dampers.

Steve Campbell, PROjEN’s Senior Project Manager, managed the high value project ensuring that designs provided comprehensive protection to the major plant and equipment. It was recognised that the Chemistry Pilot Plant is a very important site facility at Stevenage and that active fire protection throughout would provide both an effective means of protecting GSK’s assets and the ability to continue important and critical drug trials.

The complex project involved a mix of fire protection methods and required Steve to contract the skills of external organisations. Core skills and the quality of the external contractors were validated through PROjEN’s detailed vendor appraisal process.

Construction started in April 2007 and has involved almost 26,000 man hours. The use of a Safety Incentive Scheme “WORKING SAFELY TOGETHER” has contributed to the project’s impeccable safety record, ensuring that contractors were fully inducted, received tool box talks and were recognised and rewarded personally for good safety performance through the monthly award of Marks and Spencer vouchers.

The PROjEN team worked along side the New Ducts, Marioff , Hall and Kay, Tri –Management, and GSK engineers to ensure that the project was kept to timescales and budgets and delivered in line with scope and design. Because of the long timescale of the project there were a number of personnel changes, however a clear definition of roles and responsibilities minimised any disruption.

PROjEN managed this project successfully from start to finish and has been able to deliver the project with an under spend of £118, 506 which will be handed back to the business and equates to a saving of over 5% on the total project cost of £2,207,494.00.

The main attributing factors to the success of the project were very good definition through the scheme design, proactive interaction through the Steering Group and delivery in line with the GSK project management standards including good construction management controls.

John Taylor, PROjEN’s Managing Director, commented “This is another example of PROjEN’s excellent project delivery and in today’s climate; it truly is a success story – safe and timely project delivery, which has an additional cash back benefit!”

Russ Harvey, GSK Project Engineering Manager added “Obviously I am very pleased that the project was delivered under the projected cost and schedule. I am equally if not more pleased with the Health and Safety performance over the 26,000 man-hours worked. The whole performance is a credit to everyone involved on this project and they all deserve a pat on the back”.

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