Case Study






Bio Diesel Plant


£17 million


Greenergy supplies refined and blended automotive fuels to high street fuel companies, supermarkets and to major users of fuel such as bus and logistics companies.

Greenergy supply this fuel from 24 locations across the UK, and blend much of this fuel themselves, using their own blending  facilities on the Thames estuary and at Teesside. Waste-based biofuel manufacturing is carried out  in their plant at Immingham.

The Project Scope

This project was the second phase of a two phase project to build two 100,000 ktpa biodiesel production units within the same plant boundary.

Problems encountered with one of our competitors on the initial phase build, which had led to the first bio diesel plant remaining unfinished, led Greenergy to seek an alternative engineering business to design and build Phase 2, PROjEN was appointed to fulfil this role.

PROjEN’s role was to specify, design, procure and “site manage” the entire construction of the new plant Phase 2 and also assist in its commissioning.

PROjEN’s ACTIVE principles based approach to managing Phase 2 was evident from the outset and ensured that adequate resources were in place along with project controls for planning, cost control, scope control and risk management. Dramatic improvements in attitude to site health and safety, improved communications, performance measurement and team spirit soon prompted Greenergy to invite us to add the completion of the Phase 1 works to our scope of work.

The Challenge

It was clear that Phase 1 of the project had not got off to a good start and therefore anxiety within the Greenergy management and the workforce as a whole was high. It was important for PROjEN to establish credibility by providing leadership and direction, taking control of the project quickly, establishing new controls and ways of working in a way that won the hearts and minds of the existing team.

This project represented a challenge on many levels. We were faced with a complex and unfinished build, working to tight deadlines, with a team consisting of a number of different contractors and a technology provider who was not familiar with UK working practices. In addition, the plants had to meet strict legislative and environmental standards.


PROjEN did more than simply turn this project around, it was winner of the European Construction Institute (ECI) Project of the Year 2008.

The project was acclaimed not only by Greenergy but by the operations and maintenance contractor, the designers, the CDM co-ordinator plus an external audit from SGS.

In spite of the problems and delays associated with the build prior to PROjEN’s appointment, PROjEN ensured that the plants were delivered under budget and within programme.  Greenergy and PROjEN have developed ongoing close working links and Greenergy were the source of the nomination of PROjEN for the ECI Award.

Project Cost

£17 Million


12 months.




Turned a failing project into an award winner – PROjEN turned adversity into triumph.

Greater certainty of outcome – Under very difficult circumstances, PROjEN provided the necessary expertise to ensure the project met all the specifications and provided the oversight to ensure the project was delivered on time, on budget and in full.

High degree of project assurance – PROjEN’s professional approach and ability to utilise the ACTIVE principles to manage the sensitivity involved in changing project teams led to dramatic improvements in attitude and project delivery performance.


“Without doubt the finished project is a success, acclaimed by ourselves, the operations and maintenance contractor, the designers, the CDM co-ordinator plus an external audit from SGS. It was achieved under budget and within programme. Given that this was a fast track project on a new site, utilising a significant number of contractors, this is a commendable achievement and all concerned should take credit for their contribution.”Steve McCaffrey, head of production and infrastructure, Greenergy.