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National Grid Gas


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Drawing Records Management


Varies (part of an ongoing framework).


National Grid Gas (NGG) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 4,282 miles of high pressure natural gas pipelines and 82,000 miles of distribution mains throughout the UK.

The Project Scope

The management of drawing records is critical to enabling NGG to successfully operate its gas supply infrastructure and fulfil its obligations to satisfy legislative, business and operational requirements.

Through a series of framework contracts, PROjEN have provided engineering drawing records services to both National Grid Gas Distribution and Transmission since 2002. Over this period a team of up to 45 engineers, CAD technicians and support personnel have produced or updated over 50,000 drawings all in line with the National Grid’s exacting standards.

A large proportion of the scope of this work has been associated with the production and management of engineering drawing records, including mechanical, civil and electrical and instrumentation records associated with national transmission and distribution assets. The extent of individual typically ranges from simple client supplied redline updates of existing drawings to the production or update of 1800+ drawings relating to a single compressor station, all based upon surveys undertaken by a team of 8 specialist data capture technicians.

PROjEN has a track record for the successful delivery of innovative solutions and we have combined our industry experience with our software development capabilities to apply the latest technology in pursuit of increased efficiencies within the gas industry.

Examples include:

MRPS – PROjEN developed a paperless system to support the survey around 14,500km of gas pipework each year.

PROjEN’s Pipeline Surveying System – a highly accurate, efficient, and automated reporting tool.

NOMAD – Remote Workforce Management System.

RECON – Pipeline Construction Progress Reporting

MULTIPIX – interactive photographic site data.

The Challenge

Quality always plays a pivotal part of our drawing records management service, to this end we have achieved compliance with a range of industry recognised standards including OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO14001 as well as specific supply chain standards such as UVDB verify, showing our commitment to providing a service of consistent quality.


This is an ongoing role whereby we continuously provide drawing management services.

Project Cost

Varies (part of an ongoing framework).




National Grid Gas


  • The client has access to a large and experienced team of engineers, CAD technicians and support personnel who maintain and update vital drawing records, thus helping the client to ensure that ongoing operations and maintenance functions are able to reference up to date system information.


Whilst not being at the forefront of the client’s service offering, the management of drawing records is critical to this huge, heavily regulated client with a constantly evolving network of storage, processing and distribution equipment & systems. Reliability and the maintenance of safety is an absolute priority for not only the client’s own sub-contractor personnel, but for the general public who are the ultimate recipients of the service provided. The maintenance of accurate drawing records plays a perhaps unglamorous, but nonetheless vita role in keeping the nation supplied with Natural Gas.