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Scotland Gas Networks




Burnhervie Offtake




Scotland Gas Network (SGN) operates one of the largest of eight regional gas distribution networks in Britain, serving almost 1.7 million customers whose focus is on delivering gas to their customers safely and reliably.

The Project Scope

PROjEN’s scope for this project was to act as the Lead Designer for the design of a new National Offtake, high pressure pipeline and multi-junction site being constructed in the North of Scotland designed to reinforce the local network.

The project brief required extensive interfacing between the client and the multiple sub-contracted vendor packages to ensure the delivery of an integrated and successful design. In addition, the project required coordination with National Grid who were building a new Above Ground Installation (AGI) adjacent to the project site, designed to feed the new SGN Offtake.

Key site components included:

Inlet Remotely Operated Valve (ROV) – Specification and interface design to Gas Control Centre

Volumetric Control – Twin Stream Volumetric regulator control

Gas Pre-Heat – Integration of new Heat Exchangers and Boilerhouse

Gas Conditioning – Integration of new odorant injection facility including local storage tank into site layout and systems

FWACV Ultrasonic Metering – Twin 12″ ultrasonic metering installation with full FWACV

High Pressure Pipeline – design of approx. 1.5km of HP main to connect the plant outlet to a new multi-junction site.

Broadsea Multi-Junction Site – Design of new multi-junction site with pig trap facility to connect new Burnhervie Offtake to reinforce existing Northern HP network.

The Challenge

The pipeline had a number of challenges associated with it, not least the fact that there was a fall in excess of 60m from the Burnhervie offtake to Broadsea multi-junction.


This challenging project was delivered in a collaborative style with both ourselves and the client working closely together to resolve the technical challenges. The project was delivered quickly, safely and in line with the original scope and programme.

Project Cost



2 years.


Scotland Gas Networks


Delivery of a challenging project with sufficient input to allow them to influence the direction of the project without distracting their own Engineering teams from other important tasks.


This project demonstrate proof of the value of taking a collaborative approach to the delivery of a challenging and complex project.