Posted on November 27th, 2013

Child Safety Week | PM PROjEN News

Back in June, Murdishaw primary school was participating in Child Safety Week; a national initiative run by the Child Accident Prevention trust, which provides support and advice to schools and parents.

A competition was run by PROjEN through the week, to design the best ‘Safety Awareness Poster’. Everyone at PROjEN was hugely impressed by the quality of both the graphics and the catchy slogans, so picking a winner was a real challenge.

Margaret Barnes, PROjEN’s SHE advisor commented on her visit to the school “Although the Children clearly enjoyed the opportunity to be creative, the content of the posters demonstrated their comprehension of the dangers around them, especially in high risk areas such as construction sites.”

Two winner have now been chosen with each receiving a 7” Kindle Fire HD, with additional money donated by PROjEN and Akzo Nobel. Dave Elliott, PROjEN’s business Support Services Director was also delighted to have to opportunity to present the school with A Zebra Wristband Printer.

The winning posters will continue to be displayed at the Akzo Nobel site and at Murdishaw primary school in order to promote accident reduction.

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