Martin Seabrook

Martin Seabrook

Managing Director


I have been with PM PROjEN for over 13 years having carried out a range of Engineering, Project Management and Contract Management roles for other Engineering Consultancy businesses. I am confident and self-motivated with a clear view of where PM PROjEN stands in the market place and what ‘qualities’ make us stand out from the competition.

My vision for PM PROjEN is to be a UK leader in our chosen market sectors with a strong focus on client relationships and operational excellence, delivered through a culture of collaboration and partnership. I work hard to ensure that we maintain our collaborative approach and that we remain focused on the development of our personnel. I’m pleased to say that my engineering background, as a Control & Instrumentation Engineer, and project delivery experience is still vital to what I do as I still get the opportunity to influence the technical direction of projects as well as supporting the development of the most appropriate delivery and contracting strategies.


Contract & Procurement Strategy, Commerical Delivery, Programme Management, Major Project delivery strategies, Automation/DCS, Contract Negotiation, Risk Management.

Interesting Facts

I play tennis to relax and I enjoy my weekly trips to the tennis club. My serve leaves a bit to be desired but my grip on an ice cold Peroni after the match can’t be faulted.