Posted on May 8th, 2008

Henry Parry (finally) decides to hang up his boots and retire

Henry started with PROjEN in 1996 as a Construction / Planner at Vauxhall Ellesmere Port. At this time, his role was purely as a secondment from PROjEN and as such his involvement with PROjEN was somewhat limited. However, regular contact was maintained and Henry remained an outstanding ambassador for PROjEN at the Vauxhall Site. When Vauxhall experienced a down-turn in business, Henry was relocated to the GSK Account at Tonbridge and this is where he really made his mark.

All are in agreement that Henry’s move to Tonbridge was of great benefit to both PROjEN and Henry himself. Not much time had slipped before Henry had integrated himself with the on-site team and his retirement is a sad loss for the team, but also a celebration for Henry. As the saying goes Henry liked to work hard and play hard and he celebrated his leaving in style on Thursday 24th April at his retirement do, held at the “Little Brown Jug” in Penshurst. All his friends from PROjEN attended the do – waiting with baited breath as he opened his retirement gifts… these included a rather Aged Whiskey, Engraved Tumblers, Vouchers for a Bicycle, and a small plot of land in Scotland – affording him the title “Lord Parry”

Henry will be missed by all his chums and is universally liked as a true professional, a gentleman and a true friend to the team.

Speaking on behalf of the PROjEN’s Senior Management Team, Tony Lea (Operations Director) said “Henry will be missed by us all and for those who missed saying goodbye to him we will see him again at our 30th Birthday Celebration on 6th June. Henry knows if he gets bored and decides retirement is not for him we would love to have him back in the fold.”

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