Posted on July 17th, 2012

Humber Focus | PM PROjEN News

Bioenergy experts from PROjEN are helping the UK’s manufacturing sector to become more sustainable, in line with the government’s policy on tackling climate change.

Dr Les Gornall, a process consultant for PROjEN and a specialist in anaerobic digestion, is closely involved on an on-going basis with Humber Chemical Focus (HFC), which is investigating opportunities for the Humber region to lead the way in anaerobic processing, a process which creates a biogas which can then be used for industrial or domestic purposes to release energy and manage waste. Dr Gornall, one of the country’s leading experts in this special type of chemical processing, is working closely with HFC to create a biogas processing centre, which is seen as a highly effective energy-producing alternative to wind and solar power.

Dr Gornall said: “The Yorkshire and Humber region could be anaerobic digester heaven, due to its plentiful arable land and the number of large companies that create waste products as a by-product of their manufacturing process.” He believes that anaerobic digestion could contribute up to a quarter of the government’s 2020 renewable energy targets and added: “Energy security is paramount and we absolutely must seek and support energy regeneration from every renewable technology we can find.”

Biorenewables are expected to make up a third of the UK’s total renewable capability by 2020. Also known as biomass, they cover anything made from plant or animal material which can replace non-renewable materials made from petrochemicals and minerals.

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