What is Laser Scanning?

Laser Scanning at Projen

Laser scanners can very quickly capture and provide a very accurate 3D image of a site or object.

How Does a Laser Scanner Work?

Laser scanning provides a 3D image through the generation of thousands of points – known as a “Point Cloud.” Each point will provide a coordinate of the image and when all these come together they generate the 3D Image.

Laser Scanning is an efficient method of capturing data, the laser will reflect the light off of the image, which creates the “Point Cloud” and it is this “Point Cloud” that can then be imported in to a CAD or graphical design package (AutoCAD/ Studio Max) which then allows for easy manipulation

Why use Laser Scanning?

Laser scanning is both cost and time effective and can be used to conduct site surveys – from single vessels to entire plants and factories. The raw data obtained can then be imported into a variety of CAD packages providing accurate as-built data. The data collected by the laser scanner is very accurate and makes retrofit design projects easier by reducing clashes and rework.

Laser Scanning – the Benefits

  • Laser Scanning allows quick and efficient means of gathering 3D data.
  • Laser Scanning allows you to obtain accurate data fast and reduces the need for multiple site visits.
  • Laser Scanning ensures Safety first – no need to work at height.
  • Laser Scanning ensures Dimensional accuracy.
  • Laser Scanning provides 360° surround imagery.
  • Scans demonstrate accurate height, elevation and distance between buildings /structures.
  • Data captured by the laser scanner is easily imported into CAD packages for easy manipulation.
  • Laser Scanning ensures minimal field fit-up, field fabrication and field rework due to accurate survey data.

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