Posted on March 28th, 2008

March 2008 pride winner is a another joint award

The voting for the latest PROjEN PRIDE Award was a very close run affair as usual, and there were, again, two deserving winners. The latest PRIDE Award has been awarded to John Sweetingham and Keith James, both outstanding members of the PROjEN team.

Intended to encourage team working and company involvement, the PROjEN PRIDE Award is open to all members of the PROjEN team and is presented quarterly at the core brief sessions with each ‘winner’ receiving £250 in M&S vouchers. The award has already proved instrumental in encouraging pride in the workplace and rewards good attitude and commitment to both client and company. All employees are aware of the positive impact a PRIDE attitude brings to PROjEN.

John and Keith join a growing list of extremely popular and hard working employees who have won the award and which includes both site and office based personnel.

John was nominated due to his “consistent high quality output delivered in a manner that our clients like”, “his excellent work at a number of sites” and his “positive attitude to work and colleagues.” Whilst Keith was specifically nominated because his “technical ability and work output is second to none”, he “demonstrates a commitment beyond that expected” and he is “instrumental in co-ordinating the Greenergy interfaces and single handedly managing the E/I site commissioning handover.”

Both John and Keith were nominated for their positive attitude to working at PROjEN and when presenting the awards John Taylor managing director summarised the reasons for the awards as “both are seen as being extremely professional in everything they do, both are seen to put in that little extra when it is needed, both are seen by all to represent the company extremely well and both are excellent at being part of a hard working team”

By epitomizing all that the PROjEN PRIDE Award stands for – PROjEN Recognition for Industry Diligence and Enthusiasm – John and Keith’s attitude to work is an example to all to ensure PROjEN moves forward and continues to build on the success enjoyed by the company particularly during the last six years of company growth.

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