Posted on April 14th, 2020

PM PROjEN – Working from Home

Firstly, we hope that all of our personnel, clients, suppliers, sub-contractors, (and all of their families) had an enjoyable Easter break and that everyone is staying safe and healthy. It would appear that, despite some reasons to be optimistic, that UK businesses will continue to be subject to social distancing measures for several more weeks yet.

As you may already know, PM PROjEN and much of our Group business (PM Group), are working from home and we would like to thank our I.T. teams for their foresight in designing and implementing the robust I.T. systems that have supported us to work from home so successfully. It is easy to take the fact for granted that our business had to effectively decamp from our offices in an extremely short timescale and has been working effectively from our ‘home offices’ since 24th March. We are not alone of course, many businesses have risen to the challenge of demobilising from their offices and many thousands of employees have had to make the adjustment to working on their own and communicating with their clients, colleagues and suppliers via Skype and Zoom. UK businesses should be proud of what they have achieved in this respect and we are pleased to be amongst the many businesses that continue to service their client’s requirements despite the imposed restrictions.

Clearly some businesses will suffer through the restrictions and our hearts go out to the those that are struggling to weather this storm and to the people whose lives will be affected either directly by the virus or due to the effect on their business/employer. We are doing all that we can to support our suppliers through these challenging times by continuing to place orders and paying their invoices in a timely manner.

We hope that this message finds you all well, keep safe.

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