Posted on December 2nd, 2007

PROjEN announce Carbon Trust Accreditation

PROjEN, the award winning Project Management Company based in Northwich, Cheshire, has just been notified that The Carbon Trust has awarded the company with Carbon Trust Accreditation.

The Carbon Trust has recognised the skills and experience of the in-house team at PROjEN to offer support and advice in providing Carbon Management and Energy Efficiency, (CMEE), solutions to key UK commercial and industrial operators in awarding this prestigious accreditation

This accreditation will allow PROjEN to enhance its range of energy related services by identifying and implementing carbon reduction and energy efficiency projects on behalf of the Carbon Trust and their clients.

The Energy, Environment and Compliance Team will be responsible for providing and managing these services, and are responsible for ensuring that all projects delivered by PROjEN have energy efficiency and environmental sustainability as an integral part of the design and engineering process.

The team also have experience in the identification and implementation of new technologies, for example the Organic Rankine Cycle engine, which offers the opportunity to utilise waste energy streams to generate both electricity and hot water.

PROjEN is one of a very small group of project management companies who have developed a specialist division to focus on the design and implementation of industrial energy management projects. The current market is very well served with organisations that can identify energy management issues, and in many cases, can also suggest courses of action. However, very few companies are then able to take a major industrial project from its early project specification and design stages all the way through to the final implementation stages.

PROjEN are able to provide this complete solution as a result of combining knowledge of current environmental legislation with 30 years experience of delivering major projects for some of the UK’s leading food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies.

John Taylor, PROjEN Managing Director said: “There is a distinct shortage of service providers that can both identify and implement the necessary engineering solutions for many energy users in the UK. This is an excellent opportunity to bring PROjEN’s vast experience and project delivery skills to the arena of energy and carbon reduction. This valuable service will help our clients to realise both internal and UK wide energy and emission targets, as well helping them to reap the benefits of reduced energy spends.“

The Carbon Trust is the Government funded body who provide advice and guidance to the UK to move to a low carbon economy by helping business and the public sector reduce carbon emissions now and capture the commercial opportunities of low carbon technologies.

Carbon Management Energy Efficiency support is a product offered by the Carbon Trust to UK clients that have energy spend in excess of £1 million either on a single site or across multiple sites.

The Carbon Trust supports the reduction of energy/carbon emissions by part funding the identification and implementation of suitable technology and/or processes. This then allows the UK commitment to a reduction in carbon emissions and greenhouse gases to be realised.

PROjEN will be launching a specialist energy management website in the New Year to market and support the expanding range of energy management services.

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