Posted on July 10th, 2013

PROjEN design ‘Iconic’ Anaerobic Digestion Facility

This plant represents another example of a PROjEN designed facility carefully engineered to efficiently create energy from organic waste which will make a contribution to reducing the volume of organic bi-products currently going into landfill or to waste incinerators.

The organic ‘fuel’ for the plant is obtained by AC Shropshire from their onsite pig breeding and waste food processing operations as well as via organic waste collections from a selection of their clients. The plant is currently in the latter stages of biological commissioning, and is already producing good quality biogas from a mixture of pig slurry and food waste. The biogas produced in the anaerobic digesters is used to power a 1.2MW combined heat and power unit (CHP), which will export enough electricity onto the grid to power around 700 homes.

PROjEN were chosen by AC Shropshire to deliver this project because they were the only company AC Shropshire could find that was not tied to any specific technology provider and that had an in-depth experience of delivering projects of this type in the UK. Other factors that played part in AC Shropshire’s choice included PROjEN’s outstanding Health and Safety record, and most importantly their in-depth understanding of the UK legislation surrounding such facilities.

PROjEN started the project back in January 2012 by completing an in-depth feasibility study designed to identify additional ‘fuel’ sources to increase the financial viability of the plant, as well as producing the concept design, and cost estimates for the facility. The project has been built in an extremely short timescale in collaboration with AC Shropshire and is set to be an ‘iconic’ anaerobic digestion facility in the UK.

Shane Pugh, PROjEN’s BioEnergy Divisional Manager, said: “This was a great project to get involved in and we are very proud of what we have achieved. This project made use of a number of PROjEN’s key skill sets and our knowledge of the bio-energy market combined with our project management experience was a real asset in the delivery of this project”.

Randall Boddy, MD for AC Shropshire, said: “We are extremely happy with the way the project has gone and can’t thank PROjEN enough for their support. We are extremely glad that we chose them on such an important project for us. PROjEN’s collaborative approach was a major factor when it came to choosing a supplier – it was extremely important for us to have someone who could keep us on the ‘straight and narrow’ but also allow us the ability to influence the direction of the project”.

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