Posted on September 22nd, 2008

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PROjEN are true advocates of energy reduction and focus on minimising the environmental impact of both our own activities and those of our clients. In order to gain recognition for this, PROjEN has embarked on the path to attaining the prestigious ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management.

PROjEN has held the ISO 9001 certification for it’s quality management systems for many years and views ISO 14001 certification as being a logical next step towards demonstrating PROjEN’s responsible approach to energy usage and care for the environment.

PROjEN has recently published its own Environmental Policy designed to promote our approach to the impacts of our business in the local and global environment.

The initial stages of the compliance process saw the involvement of an external consultant to conduct a gap analysis of current practice against the requirements of the standard. Following this consultation and a formal presentation of the findings to PROjEN’s management team, we took the decision to move forward and have all training, systems, processes and documentation in place for the end of the 2008. Following a period of operation of the new systems and processes, (including confirmation of compliance by carrying out our own internal audits), we will look to attain certification through external approved auditors early in 2009.

There have already been a number of new activities introduced to support the requirements of ISO14001. One example being the automatic daily monitoring of our electricity supply. As a result of this activity we have been able to publish electricity consumption data to all staff. This has resulted in the identification of an energy minimisation programme which targets the unnecessary operation of equipment, eg that left on standby and/or left on overnight.

PROjEN has also implemented a sustainability review process, which will look at the energy and environmental phpects of all projects. This activity will become part of our proposed environmental management process, auditable within the ISO14001 system.

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