Posted on May 11th, 2009

PROjEN Make Further Investments in their IT Infrastructure

PROjEN, the award winning project management and professional engineering services company based in Northwich, Cheshire have recently completed significant investments in their IT infrastructure.

PROjEN have a facility rich IT infrastructure which is used intensively throughout extended office hours by both the ‘home office’ based personnel and their site based teams via secure remote working facilities. The performance of the IT network is monitored by PROjEN’s IT infrastructure support provider, Nviron based in Preston Brook, Runcorn.

The first project was to further improve the business continuity plan by reducing reliance on tape back-up and ensure that the company can comfortably achieve its Recovery Time Objective (RTO = the duration of time within which the business must be operating again following a disruption or disaster) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO = the acceptable loss of data measured in time as a result of a disruption or disaster). Both of these objectives were set at one day. The Back up software was upgraded to the latest version available and an Imaging Server was installed in a location remote from other company servers.

Imaging software allows ‘point in time’ snapshots of servers to be taken to disc which can then be recovered to dissimilar hardware and virtual server environments. Full images are automatically transferred to Nviron each weekend with Monday – Friday ‘deltas’ or incremental changes transferred each night. The images are stored on a secure, resilient and high performance Storage Area Network (SAN) to allow for quick recovery.

A full remote Disaster Recovery of the PROjEN servers can be achieved by importing the images into a virtualised environment (VMWare). The images can then be brought online within Nviron’s Data centre, thereby allowing operations to continue. Full ‘rehearsals’ are scheduled to ‘Certify recoverability’.

For the second project PROjEN have invested in its first ‘portable IT system’. This has been implemented at the Greenergy fuel terminal at Plymouth where PROjEN have been engaged to upgrade the facilities at the Cattedown and Mayflower Terminals to almost double their existing capacity whilst providing improvements in reliability, efficiency and secondary containment.

The IT solution provides a secure centre of server operations in support of the project. The system provides localised file storage which is replicated using Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) to the ‘home office’ in Northwich. Here the project files are protected by the new Disaster Recovery system described above. The links between the site project office and Northwich are provided by a dual redundant line encrypted tunnel.

The investment has provided site personnel with a more reliable infrastructure with significantly improved response times and allows for more efficient and reliable transfer of information between the site and home office based personnel.
Commenting on the improvements, Business Support Services Director Dave Elliott said “Both projects demonstrate PROjEN’s commitment to continuous but carefully targeted investment in IT to ensure our systems are current, reliable and appropriate to the needs of the business and our clients”.

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