Posted on September 9th, 2008

PROjEN provide energy analysis for defence based manufacturer.

PROjEN the award winning Project Management Company have been engaged by a global specialist defence manufacturer to identify their sites energy usage.

The site in the South of England consists of over 180 buildings which are a mix of old and new, some dating back to post war period. There are a large number of single skinned buildings used for manufacture, assembly and storage which are currently heated by either oil fired boilers or electric flameproof radiators.

PROjEN have installed portable electricity data loggers on individual unmetered building services which have allowed data capture for approximately 70% of the sites electricity load. The focus has been on the key buildings and to identify where demand originates.

Initial observations of energy waste suggest that the single skinned buildings used to store final products are the main culprits when it comes to energy use. The appears to be consequence of building construction combined with poor temperature control and confusion over temperature set points (requiring the temperature to be maintained at 30oC),. This however will be confirmed once the data has been received and analysed.

Tony Baldwin one of PROjEN’s Energy Engineers, said “The monitoring equipment chosen for this project included portable single and 3 phase data loggers, which were easy to programme and install. We have set them to monitor energy usage against pre-determined intervals and left them to record for a period of 1-2 weeks, after which the data is downloaded for analysis”.

PROjEN are currently in the process of collating and analysing the data ready for presenting to the client along with all other recommendations.

Speaking today, John Taylor, PROjEN’s MD said “This is another example of PROjEN’s Energy, Environment and Compliance Team, getting out there and providing an essential service. With today’s increasing energy costs, who wouldn’t want to know where you can save money? We have been employing the same technology at our head office and I have been amazed with the information and the advice from our Energy Team on where savings can be made; to be in the dark over energy consumption in today’s climate is madness when our Energy Experts are on hand to help.”

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