Posted on April 5th, 2006

PROjEN win ECI ACTIVE Retrofit Project of the Year 2006

PROjEN, the specialist Project Management Company has won the ECI ACTIVE Project of the Year award for 2006 after being nominated by GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

The European Construction Institute (ECI) is a forum for some of the largest contractors and project support organisations in Europe and holds awards each year to give recognition to specifically significant projects and studies carried out by members of the ECI.

PROjEN, specialists in the design and implementation of project managed services, received the award on the 23rd March 2006 at the ECI ACTIVE award ceremony held in Delft, Holland.

The £4 million project consisted of the replacement of 40 glass condensers used by some of the reactors in the CPP (Chemical Pilot Plant) with Tantalum or Hastelloy-C22 contact parts. Each condenser system comprised of a condenser shell, heat transfer area (plates, tubes or coils), and process pipework connections suitable for connection to either glass or PTFE lined mild steel pipe and service pipework connections suitable for connection to low temperature carbon steel pipe.

The project included the reconfiguration of existing pipework, electrical cables and equipment to enable the replacement and safe operation of the new condensers. Space was very much at a premium and a key success factor was the coordination of work such that there was minimum interruption to ongoing operations. Even though the construction phase was not started until January 2005 with a target date of December, it was all completed 4 weeks ahead of schedule in November 2005

Managing such a large and complex project successfully over a period of 11 months requires good definition and planning at the early stages of the project. Factors which contributed to the success of the project from both a delivery on time perspective and a heath and safety point of view, but a key consideration was ensuring the right people were involved onsite from the very beginning and that effective documentation was in place and delivered to the right people. In announcing the Award, ECI Chairman Bob Storey said “one of the main contributors to excellent performance was a focus on the front end of the project. The assessment panel gave this project uniformly high marks. They were particularly impressed by effective project planning and front end definition, information management and communication and project execution”

PROjEN has been working with GSK for the past 3 years and has developed close links with the organisation. GSK nominated PROjEN for the ACTIVE award based on their work at the plant, their commitment, systems, initial proposal and excellent delivery record. PROjEN have been previous winners of ACTIVE awards in 2003 and 2004 when they were awarded Contractor of the Year and Project of the Year.

The impact of the project with the client can be summed up by comments from Clive Badman, GSK Vice-President Process Technology & Pilot Plants who stated “When the project was about to start we all had real concerns regarding the ability to complete the project within the budget programme and within the planned cost. The project team gathered everyone together to discuss alternative ways in which the project could be tackled to meet these challenges. I am pleased to say that the open and non-adversarial approach taken not only enabled the project to be completed below budget, but it was also delivered 4 weeks early. All in all, I believe this to be the best project I have been associated with”

Steve Hartles, GSK Capital Projects Director at GlaxoSmithKline added, “The success of this project is a further endorsement of the project management standards and focus on Front End Loading recently introduced into GSK. It also strengthens the business relationship we have with our project delivery partner PROjEN and my congratulations go out to all involved in this tremendous achievement”

The ECI ACTIVE project of the year award is presented to the company which best applies ECI and ACTIVE and Value Enhancing Principles to the project in order to achieve outstanding performance during the past year.

John Taylor, Managing Director at PROjEN said, “We are extremely pleased to have been part of another successful project at GSK and to win this award. I believe the whole team cannot be praised enough for their hard work and commitment. This award is further confirmation of the confidence shown in us by GlaxoSmithKline to deliver projects safely, to budget and to add value through a practical approach in the application of new systems and processes.”

The project team have already received another plaudit last year when they won the ‘2005 New Technology Adoption Award’ by Bentley Systems Inc in recognition of the work involving digital photogrammetry and AutoPlant.. The competition was tough, with an independent panel of BE Award jurors selecting from more than 200 nominations from a wide range of international engineering companies. According to the official Bentley judges, “PROjEN won because the jury felt this submission actually advanced technology, and was not just the adoption of existing technology in a new area”.

In addition the Health & Safety Scheme introduced to promote and raise site safety awareness was an unqualified success with over 28,000 man-hours worked, often in confined spaces, with ZERO incidents or accidents. In total over 80,000 safe man-hours have now been worked on site – equivalent to over 45 man years!

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