Posted on October 15th, 2008

PROjEN’s Improvements at Cavendish Mill

PROjEN, the award winning Project Management Company based in Cheshire have been working with Ineos Fluor and Glebe Mines at their Cavendish Mill site in the Derbyshire Peak District.

PROjEN have been contracted initially to provide front end design for two projects at the site. The first is to install a means to control the water and tailings (water containing fine particles of mined materials) flow into and out of the Mill Processing Plant. The project involves the installation of flow and level instrumentation to ensure containment. This phase of the project is being managed by PROjEN’s experienced team of engineers with backgrounds in Process, Electrical and Instrumentation and Mechanical. The output from this phase will be a fully costed design package suitable for getting capital sanction for the project to proceed.

The second project is focused on designing wheel washing facilities for use at the site. Currently the raw material to be processed is transported from the mine to the processing plant using large dumper trucks. On their journey they cross two public highways and the mud that they accumulate is deposited on these roads. PROjEN are currently preparing equipment specifications and design packages for a system that will wash the wheels and the underside of the vehicles prior to them crossing the public road to prevent the deposits.

The design work for the wheel washing facilities is due to be finished in November and if sanctioned PROjEN will manage the implementation. To date the design work has involved the expertise of PROjEN’s Project Engineering, EC&I and Mechanical Design Professionals and once sanctioned PROjEN will provide both CDM support and Construction Management.

Dave Mairs, PROjEN’s Technical Manager commented “We have been working with Ineos Fluor for sometime and our involvement at Cavendish Mill has helped to solidify the relationship. On completion, assisted by our team of multi-disciplined engineers and our project management expertise, Ineos will have achieved its goal of improved environmental performance at the Cavendish Mill Site.”

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