Posted on December 11th, 2008

PROjEN’s Project Progress at Cabot Carbon

In May 2008, PROjEN signed an alliance agreement with Cabot Carbon to assist them in the implementation of their projects. Since then the relationship has gone from strength to strength and a number of projects have been completed.

A new £45k reprocessing bin was successfully installed at Cabot’s Ellesmere Port Site. The project involved PROjEN’s EC & I Engineers working on the electrical design and developing Cabot’s initial idea. PROjEN produced the tender documentation to move the reprocessing bin project through to the construction and build phase. Due to the success of the reprocessing bin project, Cabot’s management have now requested that two more are installed and work is envisaged to start January 2009.

PROjEN have also relocated Cabot Carbon’s bag decanting facility to their Stanlow Site. The relocation involved new equipment specification aimed at improving operator safety and containment of the product. After a period of commissioning it will be ready to be handed over to the client in November 2008.

Following a recommendation from FM Global, Cabot Carbon’s Insurers, PROjEN were also requested to explore the potential fire hazard surrounding Cabot Carbon’s Reactors. Following the investigation, PROjEN’s engineers recommended that both Infra Red and Ultra Violet detectors are installed above the reactors to ensure early detection of a fire. The positioning of the detectors is critical to limit the number of false trips (reflections from the burners); therefore a trial period is to take place over the next 6 months ahead of the system being hard wired into place.

PROjEN are also involved in the build phase for the installation of a level and temperature control system on tanks which are used to hold flammables. The project will involve instrument control expertise delivered by PROjEN’s E C & I Engineer Keith James. The overall aim of the project is to minimise the risk of any ignition of flammable vapour within the tanks.

PROjEN’s Alliance Manager for Cabot Carbon, Martin Slaney, said “We have made good progress with the portfolio of projects and we have received positive feedback from Cabot Carbon’s management which has included repeat work orders. The bulk of the project work focuses on compliance, operational and quality improvements. Our progress to date means that Cabot Carbon is well on its way to realising these business improvements.”

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