Posted on March 2nd, 2006

Ron Dale PRIDE Award Winner February

Intended to encourage team working and company involvement, the PROjEN PRIDE Award is open to all members of the PROjEN team and is presented quarterly at the core brief sessions with the ‘winner’ receiving £250 in M&S vouchers. The award has already proved instrumental in encouraging pride in work, attitude and commitment to both client and company, with many employees now aware of the positive impact a PRIDE attitude brings to PROjEN.

The winner of the February PROjEN PRIDE award is Ron Dale, Mechanical Engineer who started working with PROjEN in 1980. Ron has demonstrated his commitment to the company in many ways over his 28 (twenty eight) years with PROjEN. Ron lives in Knypersley, Stoke on Trent and his hobbies include cycling and fine wines. Ron is also a keen caravaner and his favourite place is the Yorkshire Dales!

Ron is another very well liked winner of the PRIDE award and this was reflected in the high number of votes from both co-workers and clients, who nominated Ron for the following reasons-

    • He is very well respected by the Client


  • Always willing to help the Client and other members of the PROjEN team



  • He is good humoured and always 100% professional and a good ambassador for PROjEN



  • Never complains even when the going gets tough



  • Will always manage to sort out the problem



  • Is very conscientious and hard working


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