Posted on January 27th, 2006

Second PROjEN pride award is a split decision

The voting for the second PROjEN pride award was such a very close run affair that the company has decided to give the award to two worthy winners. The second PRIDE award was awarded to Suzanne Booth and Zoe Birch both of the accounts department.

Intended to encourage team working and company involvement, the PROjEN PRIDE Award is open to all members of the PROjEN team and is presented quarterly at the core brief sessions with the ‘winner’ receiving £250 in M&S vouchers. The award has already proved instrumental in encouraging pride in work, attitude and commitment to both client and company, with many employees now aware of the positive impact a PRIDE attitude brings to PROjEN.

The winner of the first PROjEN PRIDE award was Steve Burke, Senior Planning Engineer based in Stevenage and the latest winners continue along the theme of being very popular members of the PROjEN team. Both Suzanne and Zoe demonstrated their commitment to the company and both received a high number of votes from both co-workers and clients. Both winners were given this award because they both:-

• Were always willing to help & give 100% effort to any PROjEN project or task

• Were always friendly & have a good attitude to work and work excellent as part of a team

• Were happy to work late when required or miss lunch or breaks & never said “I’m to busy”

• Worked through a very difficult number of months due to the large number of new recruits and the associated disruption this causes

• Take care of many of the forgotten tasks which make everyone’s life easier

By epitomizing all that the PROjEN PRIDE Award stands for – PROjEN Recognition for Industry Diligence and Enthusiasm – Suzanne and Zoë’s attitude to work is an example to all to ensure PROjEN moves forward and continues to build on the success enjoyed by the company particularly during the last two years.

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