At PM PROjEN, our skills and expertise in the Gas sector is wide ranging and we are routinely involved with the Design, Asset Surveying and Drawing Management elements associated with of major schemes in this sector.

We undertake the following:

Project Development – we are responsible for the design and build of major infrastructure projects and we work with a variety of clients to develop their schemes. From start to finish we ensure that the projects run smoothly and are fully delivered to the Client’s satisfaction.

Project Delivery – we have helped our clients to deliver some of the most challenging and complex public and private sector projects in recent years, we are typically involved throughout the whole project lifecycle, from early planning to final completion and beneficial operation.

Surveying – We have produced and updated over 50,000 as built drawings and operational drawings covering all disciplines at natural gas pressure reduction installations, compressor stations and terminals. We developed software and undertook the data capture of risk assessment information for over 30,000km of gas mains as well as surveying over 750km of high pressure pipelines as well as numerous other smaller specialist and ad hoc surveys.  We regularly carry out these Asset Surveying activities for clients such as; National Grid, Cadent and Scotland Gas Networks.

We specifically operate in the following Gas sub sectors;


Gas (Transmission & Distribution, Utility Line Walking and Drawing Management Services)

We are a major service provider in the utilities and pipeline industry offering a single source solution for some of the leading companies within the UK gas industry. We provide specialist gas pipeline and infrastructure design and consultancy services, supported by our multidisciplinary engineering capability.

We deliver detailed design for cross country pipelines, diversions, offtakes and AGI’s at all pressures and also carry out all of the associated project and cost management, construction management, quantity surveying, and specialist project services to ensure that the project is delivered within budget and on time.

Key services include project and construction management, feasibility, conceptual & detailed design studies, surveys and environmental impact assessments, detailed multidisciplinary design and engineering, safety studies (including HAZOP and Layout reviews), technical approvals and appraisals, process commissioning, data capture, Mains Risk Prioritisation System surveying services (MRPS), CAD Drawings and Utility Line Walking services.

In addition, we have the capability to survey and conduct all pipe support repairs, and modifications as well as civil and plinth requirements, we are also able to complete entire system overhauls.


Key differentiators

  • Multiple National Grid Frameworks
  • UKD, UKT and NGM
  • SGN and Cadent framework contracts
  • Proven track record of innovation.

Gas Legislation

We have the expertise to ensure that you are able to obtain and maintain your compliance with current legislation, and that the relevant statutory provisions are complied with across any operations that you undertake in the gas sector. We have extensive knowledge of all of the key legislation and international standards required including IGEM, API and ASME and we have both written and delivered training courses on IGEM standards on behalf of IGEM.


Electricity Transmission

Following our success in the delivery of drawing management services within the gas transportation and distribution sectors, we now hold similar framework contracts associated with Electricity Transmission on behalf of National Grid.

Gas to Grid

PM PROjEN is almost unique in that we have personnel with highly developed skills in both the Bioenergy and Natural Gas sectors. Whilst the combination of these skills would have been seen as irrelevant just a few years ago, this special combination of skills and experience is now highly sought after given the drive towards the upgrading of Biogas for injection into the Natural Gas System.

In short, PM PROjEN can design and implement all elements of a Gas to Grid project right from the Biogas generation plant, through gas-clean up, odourisation, metering, pressure control and connection to the existing gas main infrastructure.