Asset Surveying and Data Capture

PM PROjEN provide a host of Asset Surveying and Data Capture services. These services are provided by a dedicated specialist team who service a wide range of clients across multiple sectors. Having held Drawing Management Services framework contracts for over 15 years, we have an excellent understanding of both the operational requirements and the information that needs to be maintained by our clients. The Asset Surveying and Data Capture team can provide a fully independent data capture and post survey processing solution or can work hand in hand with the client to support existing client survey and/or post survey processing activities.

Many of our clients operate in tightly regulated sectors controlled by legislation that requires the implementation of robust measures to ensure that safe and efficient operations can be planned and carried out. The management of accurate records is critical to enabling clients to successfully manage their critical infrastructure and satisfy their legislative, business and operational obligations.

At PM PROjEN, data capture is carried out using the latest technologies, which allows for exceptional levels of accuracy. We also provide all of the required data back up, associated storage and administration services including; document/drawing records management.

As well as location based facility surveys, our Asset Surveying and Data Capture team have a great deal of experience in surveying linear assets and distributed infrastructure. Typical examples of these include gas, water and electrical distribution systems, waterways, (natural and manmade) and highways. Surveying these assets involves physically tracing the route of an asset and recording the key attributes. These attributes of course vary hugely dependent upon the asset being surveyed. In the case of pipelines for example, they key attributes could include:-

  • Depth of cover of earth/material covering the pipeline
  • Condition of the pipework coatings
  • Physical characteristics of the environment in the immediate vicinity, including any changes since installation
  • Presence and condition of warning signs, guarding and fences
  • Evidence of tampering and leakage.

Please Note: Where natural gas pipelines are concerned, all surveys are undertaken by experienced SHEA Gas registered personnel and include real time hazard updates and the provision of detailed survey reports.

Where clients have distributed infrastructure, we combine standard surveying methodologies with GIS (Geographic Information System) based techniques. In recent years we have developed a number of innovative GIS based solutions, including:-

  • A GIS based Pipeline Operational Records System to enable field pipeline technicians to access strip maps, Cathodic Protection and valve records
  • A paperless Mains Replacement Prioritisation Survey (MRPS) system based upon sub-metre GPS, GIS and custom data input software
  • A remote workforce management system designed to track and schedule site based maintenance teams in real time based upon GPS and Masternaut
  • A system developed to measure, record and publish construction progress in real time allowing the monitoring of progress versus programme and providing accurate records in order to minimise additional contractor costs
  • A highly accurate and efficient GPS data collection solution with automated post processing and reporting to meet the requirements of Cadent’s work procedure T/PR/MAINT/5041.

In summary, our Asset Surveying and Data capture team are capable of producing accurate, detailed and complete surveys that provide our clients with accurate and up to date asset data. Some of the key features of their service offering are:-

  • Paperless system allowing all communication of data between field and office to be via mobile devices
  • High GPS accuracy (+/-10cm) identifies errors in existing as-laid records and increases the scope of data interpretation
  • Comprehensive automated reporting processes help to minimise back office costs
  • Alerts identifying potential risks immediately sent to the client asset manager, (at the time of discovery, not just as part of a report
  • Auto-collation of all data, including digital images.
  • Automated production of exception reports.
  • Graphical data can be supplied in a format to suit client requirements (multi-platform).