Behavioural Safety

An increasing number of companies are seeing a significant improvement in their safety performance after their staff have undergone a programme of behavioural safety training. Through the project work they perform for their clients, as well as their own environment, PM PROjEN have long recognised the importance of health & safety – a fact highlighted by the Company’s excellent performance and seen in their nineteenth consecutive RoSPA Gold Awards, which has culminated in their fifth ‘Order of Distinction Award’. Always on the look-out for new and better ways of improving health & safety, PM PROjEN identified the benefits a behavioural safety course would bring to a business through defining safe and unsafe behaviours and involving everyone in the planning that leads to improved behaviour.

“Very good course, certainly more thought provoking than many Health and Safety Courses”

Through the second half of 2010 PM PROjEN invested a considerable percentage of its training budget on a number of tailored behavioural safety courses for its personnel. The feedback from those attending the course and the further improvement in the Company’s health & safety performance has encouraged PM PROjEN to raise the profile of health and safety further by offering this course to new and existing clients.

At a recent seminar on this topic, a HSE Inspector stated “behavioural safety is a critical factor in health and safety. In many accident investigations the equipment and systems are found to be in order but the behaviour of the people failed”. This failure can and does lead to serious accidents and fatalities which could have been avoided had the behaviour of the person been different.

“Excellent presentation and material”

What is a positive health and safety culture? “It is a system of shared values and beliefs about the importance of health and safety in the workplace”.

Behavioural safety approaches are commonly used because:

  • A significant number of accidents are reportedly caused by inappropriate behaviour
  • A good vehicle for management and workforce participation
  • Can improve the visibility of managers
  • Behaviours and actions influence culture through attitudes and perceptions
  • Behaviours determine the performance of systems.

PM PROjEN have developed a two hour course which looks at safe and unsafe behaviour including unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. Most accidents are caused by unsafe acts and PEOPLE cause unsafe acts.

The course is interactive and at times personal as behaviour is personal.

behavioural safety