Best Available Techniques

A “Best Available Technique” (BAT) is recognised as the best way that a facility or process should be designed, built, maintained, operated, and decommissioned.

The term “Best Available Technique” is mentioned in most EU Directives, and has been cited in a number of legal cases where negligence has been investigated. Although BAT is not law, it has become integral to directives, which state that industries and sectors should be operating at a level benchmark.

Best Available Technique (BAT) is a term typically used when reference is made to the protection of the environment, ‘best` meaning the most effective in achieving a high level of protection of the environment as a whole.

How can PM PROjEN help?

PM PROjEN can help your business ensure that its processes and operations are in line with the current “Best Available Technique”. PM PROjEN’s diverse industry knowledge coupled with their experienced design engineers and their legislative compliance team means that their design and engineering delivery will utilise the latest industry knowledge and benchmarking practices.

If you want to know more about the Best Available Technique (BAT) in your company’s industry/market sectors and how PM PROjEN can help, please contact us.

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