Cooling Tower Replacement & Upgrade

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As with any piece of equipment the Cooling Towers utilised in many facilities need to be reviewed for their efficiency and operating costs. As a regular and continually used item of equipment Cooling Towers can quickly become outdated and undersized for their function. In addition the control of Legionella and other such Bacteria has raised the awareness of many Cooling Tower issues. A variety of cooling tower suppliers and configurations are available and the choice of which to use can be quite confusing.

As well as understanding the current requirements PM PROjEN will always consider the potential changes in a facility and ensure any future upgrading can easily and quickly be performed. As such the siting of Cooling Towers and equipment surrounding them are critical issues to be considered. Linking of existing systems and the reuse of existing pipework where appropriate all help to minimise cost without compromising functionality.

PM PROjEN have the skills and capabilities to undertake the process, electrical, control and instrumentation, mechanical, piping and civil Engineering Design aspects to enable a detailed specification and fully costed/justified programme of change to be initiated – and then undertake responsibility for project implementation.