Technical Expert Services

Unfortunately, not all projects go to plan and highly experienced engineers are often called upon to assist Clients to resolve disputes. This assistance can take many forms ranging from reviewing technical documentation through to the production of Technical Expert reports.

PM PROjEN employ a number of engineers that are renowned experts in their field and we are regularly consulted as a ‘Technical Expert’ by a range of stakeholders in relation to claims or disputes arising from process plant failures or poor/unreliable performance.

As well as supporting with the more formal elements listed above, the same skills and knowledge are regularly applied by our engineers in support of:-

  • Technical due diligence
  • Health & Safety
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Business case validation
  • Operational safety reviews
  • Formal facility audits
  • Forensic engineering
  • Process optimisation.

In order to provide high-quality analytical data to support this work, we maintain close relationships with a number of specialist laboratories, academics and Professional Institutions to ensure that we can provide a comprehensive expert service.

We recognise that clients who require Technical Expert services may feel vulnerable as they may need to quickly gain an in-depth of understanding of complex concepts. As well as being experts in their field, our engineers are also highly skilled in simplifying and presenting complex issues and problems. These skills can be vital in supporting a client to be able to clearly articulate their answers when under cross-examination in court or as part of a formal inquiry.

Recent examples of Technical Expert work carried out by PM PROjEN Engineers, includes the support of a number of high profile projects where anaerobic digestion plants have failed to achieve the outputs that the client was promised by the technology provider. In the majority of cases the shortcomings were due to failures in design and/or the quality/quantity of feedstock. We have a number of industry leading experts in this field including Dr Les Gornall who is a world renowned Bioenergy sector expert.

Technical Expert Services