Post Buncefield Compliance


With regard to compliance with the final Buncefield report, PM PROjEN were the first company to upgrade an existing fuel storage facility and the first to build a new fuel storage facility.

We have extensive experience of ensuring compliance with the recommendations of the Buncefield investigation report. This includes the design, installation and testing of gas detection and CCTV systems. Moreover we have wide-ranging experience in leading DSEAR risk assessments.

We are experienced in upgrade works at existing operating sites. These works include the demolition of failed storage tanks, inspection and repair of existing storage tanks and the construction of new storage tanks.

PM PROjEN has direct experience in the practical interpretation and implementation of the recommendations from the Buncefield Enquiry as presented in the PSLG report. We are able to provide a cost effective solution to achieve compliance with a minimal impact on the rest of your fuel storage systems. We also provide full documentation to demonstrate compliance.