Tender Package Preparation & Analysis

To enable suppliers to be evaluated on an even basis it is essential that the products or works they are being asked to tender for, are clearly defined and all ambiguities/areas open to interpretation minimised as much as possible. PM PROjEN’s success in delivering projects is based on excellent scope definition and for this reason the company is well placed to assist clients’ in their Tender and Bid Preparation Documentation.

PM PROjEN can also assist clients in analysing the returned tender documents and seek clarity with suppliers to ensure the bids are compliant and that each party understands their roles and responsibilities. Through PM PROjEN’s involvement the process is seen as being both rigorous and fair. Not only will successful bidders understand what they have signed up to and what is expected of them, but losing bidders will understand why they failed in their bid – thereby encouraging future involvement and no disillusionment with the process.