Posted on February 1st, 2004

Timetable for Refrigeration is Hotting Up

PROjEN, the leading design and Project Management Company, based in Northwich, Cheshire, has secured a contract to replace an ozone depleting HCFC based chiller package with an increased capacity, environmentally friendly system for GlaxoSmithKline.

PROjEN celebrated 25 years in business in 2003 and have been consulting with GSK since the beginning of 2003. GSK contacted PROjEN to discuss the possibility of renewing the HCFC based chiller package in line with the Montreal Protocol. The Protocol requires refrigerants such as R22 to be fazed out of operation by 2010.

Low temperature refrigerants, such as R22, are widely used throughout process chiller and industrial refrigerant plants. However, studies have shown they have a detrimental effect on the ozone layer resulting in excessive UV levels. To what extent this further contributes to global warming is still the subject of intensive debate but GSK saw the opportunity to comply with the new regulations earlier than planned when their existing refrigeration system required modernisation.

The £5 million project will see the replacement of two existing chiller units with two state of the art, 1MW, chiller packages of higher capacity and efficiency which will also include the need for a new building to house part of the new system. As well as increasing the refrigeration capacity and removing dependence on the R22 refrigerant, new HTF pumps and improved control systems are to be integrated with the existing package – all within a shut down period of 30 days.

John Taylor, Managing Director for PROjEN said, “This is a critical project containing new build and integration with existing facilities, and has required exhaustive planning to ensure disruption to production is kept to an absolute minimum. We are pleased to be collaborating with GlaxoSmithKline to find the ultimate solution to their refrigerant needs. We realise the importance of the changes made to legislation regarding refrigerants and support such developments. He continues, we have a dedicated team who have worked closely with GSK to make the change as smooth as possible”.

The project was sanctioned in December 2003 and will be completed in September 2004.

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